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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

Memory Lane (回忆之旅; pinyin: huíyì zhī lǚ, lit. Travel of Reminiscence) is a game mode in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies. Memory Lane is a mode similar to Penny's Pursuit, and features level gimmicks and maps based on the first game.

There are two difficulty modes: Normal and Hard. There are 8 levels per week in Normal mode and 16 levels per every major game update in Hard mode, with every 4th level in both modes being an Elite Zombie Battle. To unlock Hard mode player must beat Normal mode first with every major game update.

Player cannot purchase Sun, Plant Food, or Power Ups. All plants from the first game are unlocked for the player. All plants are locked at level 1. In Hard mode the player can only use plants from the first game, along with several other plants. Seven plants can't be used in Memory Lane at all: Auberninja, Geisha Flower, Pokra, Escape Root, Snap Pea, Headbutter Lettuce and Power Lily.

In Normal mode player can pick up to to three additional objectives (e.g. "Produce at least 5555 sun", "Don't lose any lawn mowers", etc) for additional reward, failing which results in losing a level. In Hard mode all objectives are obligatory.

Rewards for beating levels are gems, money and "snail medals", which can be used in Memory lane's shop to buy plant's Puzzle Pieces, artifacts and materials for their upgrade, money and profile icons.

Each level can be either a day, night or a roof level, with mechanics in each being identical to the first game. All levels have a time stability system.

Time stability system

All levels have a time stability clock, which starts at 99 ticks. As level goes on, timer ticks down. Each time a Plant Food is used, timer's time increases by 5.

As timer ticks down, new anomalies are introduced to the level:

  • Worm-holes: At 80 ticks worm-holes start to appear over the lawn. They teleport plants and zombies that are standing over them and transport them to a random tile on the lawn.
  • Portals: At 70 ticks Portals start to appear. They appear once in lanes 1 and 5 and spawn 4 zombies. Portal spawns are identical on all levels throught a major game update.
  • Black holes: At 20(?) ticks one Black hole pulls all plants several tiles to the right side of the lawn.
  • Destabilization: At 0 ticks player loses the level.

Level "gimmicks" and "conditions"

Note: All names in this section are conjectural. If you know the official names or have better translations, please contact a wiki administrator to change them.

Memory Lane features "gimmicks", which are applied to levels in groups of four, and weekly "conditions", which are applied to all levels in both modes.


All known gimmicks are:

  • Dark Stormy Night: Identical to one in the first game.
  • Invisi-ghoul: Identical to one in the first game. Zombies' invisibilty is identical to one of Bandit Zombie and can be countered by Plantern.
  • Sandstorms: Identical to ones in Ancient Egypt, except in Hard Mode, where they also bounce bullets back, similar to Hammer Zombie.
  • Snowstorms: Identical to ones in Frostbite Caves, except they also instantly freeze all plants they pass by.
  • Zomboss tiles: Several Zomboss tiles are spawned at the start of the level. Zomboss tiles are Category:environment modifiers that cannot be destroyed or be planted on, and boost zombies that walk over them in different ways depending on the type of tile. Shield tiles give zombies 1-tile shield of Shield Zombie in front of them, speed tiles boost the speed of zombies and damage tiles increase the damage dealt by zombies.
  • Dark Alchemy: Potions are spawned throughout the level. Purple ones increase damage resistance, orange ones increase speed, blue ones turn zombie invisible (invisibilty is identical to one of Bandit Zombie), green ones leave a cloud of poison (similar to perfume from Perfume Zombie) and  (Unconfirmed) red ones increase health.
  • Barrel Crisis: Barrels are spawned throught the level. They roll from the left side of the lawn at different speeds. Some are identcial to one of Barrel Roller Zombie. Some are empty and don't contain any imps inside, but are identical to previous one elsewhere. Some are explosive, dealing damage to all surrounding plants and zombies on destruction; they can be destroyed by taking enough damage or by contacting a plant.
  • Lightning Strike: Identical to one from Sky City. Player also starts with several Ampthurium on the lawn and one in their loadout.
  • Bubble Rain: Bubbles similar to ones of Toy Gun Imp Child are spawned throughout of the level. Bubbles steal plants they land on after a short while and can be destroyed or blown away by Blover.
  • Electromagnetic Shield Generators: Shield Zombies are spawned throughout the level. They have a lot of health and spawn shield in front of them, that slowly moves to the left, tossing plants it touched off the lawn. Player starts with E.M.Peach in their loadout.
  • Firecrackers and Fireworks: Firecrackers (or fireworks) are spawned throughout the level. They can be destroyed by plants and explode on being destroyed, dealing heavy damage to all surrounding plants and zombies. Tied to Lunar Zoo Year and Summer Nights events.
  • Dumplings: Dumplings are spawned at the start of the level. They can be destroyed by zombies. When all off them are destroyed, the player loses the level. Tied to Lunar Zoo Year event.
  • Magical Fog: Fog from Fairytale Forest appears and disappears throughout the level.


All known conditions are:

  • Big Trouble Little Zombie: Identical to one in the first game - all zombies are smaller in size and move with increased speed.
  • Sun Drain: Player loses 25/50 sun evry minute.
  • Acid Rain: All plants and zombies take slight damage over time. Player starts with Heavenly Peach in their loadout.
  • Faster Defense: All defensive plants are recharging twice as fast.
  • Cheap Explosives: All explosive plants cost half as much.
  • Explosive Death: All plants explode after death.
  • God of Wealth: God of Wealths are spawned randomly throughout the level. Tied to Lunar Zoo Year event.
  • It's Raining Seeds: Plant seeds are falling from the sky, similar to It's Raining Seeds. Only works in Normal mode.
  • Tombs of the Dead: All zombies leave behind Tombstones when they die.
  • Melee Power Up: All melee plants attack is doubled.


All seasons (except first two) are dedicated to an event, similar to Thymed Events in international version. In order of appearance:





Introductory level


Lunar Zoo Year season

Normal mode
Hard mode

Springening season

Hard mode


Lunar Zoo Year


  • When Memory Lane was first announced, some things were promised to be different from what they turned out to be in the game.
    • Leftover Plant Food from Normal mode levels was supposed to be transformed into extra fuel.
    • Player could use all their plants in Hard mode and plants were supposed to be locked at level 2.
    • Elite zombies on Hard mode were supposed to be damaged only by attacks that deal 500 damage per shot or more.
    • Lawn Mowers were not supposed to appear in this mode's levels.
    • Potions of Poison were supposed to be purple.
    • Potions of Invisibilty were supposed to be white.
    • Lightning Strike on Hard mode was supposed to have a chance to insta-kill plants.
  • Some things were changed after the game was released.
    • Normal mode levels would consume fuel, similarly to Penny's Pursuit.