PvZ Garden Warfare Mega Flower Gets Destroyed

PvZ Garden Warfare Mega Flower Gets Destroyed

Zombies destroying the Mega Flower

Mega Flower is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare which only appears in Driftwood Shores of Gardens & Graveyards. It is protected by several Flax Cannons. The zombies have to destroy it to win the game. In contrast, the plants have to defend it. If the plants successfully defend the Mega Flower until the time runs out, there is a cutscene showing it laughing at the screen and winking. If the zombies destroys it, it shows a cutscene of its root cores bursting and the Mega Flower fainting.

Last stand

Once the plants have lost all their gardens their only hope to win the game is to defend the Mega Flower for five minutes. However, the light house is very open allowing the zombies to easily access to the weak point of the Mega Flower.

Plants vs

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare - Happy ending of the Mega Sunflower

Plants defend the Mega Flower



  • It is said that it "is the guardian of the coast."
  • There are some blueprints in its lighthouse showing ways to utilize its power for a "Mega Sizzle Beam."
  • A blueprint inside the lighthouse shows that it was created by Crazy Dave using a special fertilizer/chemical that caused it to grow.
  • So far, it is the second largest plant in the game series, being several meters high. It is only beaten by the Tree of Wisdom.
  • As said by PopCap in a Twitch stream, this was originally going to have an attack, saying that it would've had a solar beam attack, similar to the significantly smaller Sunflower's Sunbeam.
    • PopCap said the attack was removed because the attack they said would be too powerful.
    • This attack was likely replaced by the Flax Cannons, because they wanted a less powerful obstacle to stop the zombies and decided to make a player-controlled plant to attack the zombies flying from the cannons.
    • The fifth picture in the gallery above shows a hidden blueprint in the lighthouse, showing how its attack would have worked.
  • It and the lighthouse it grows in is one of the decorations that can be placed near the coast in Backyard Battleground in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. The decoration is named the "Legendary Lighthouse."
    • It is noticeably bigger than it was in the original Garden Warfare.
    • It is one of two Epic Backyard Items that were present in the original Garden Warfare as a final Gardens & Graveyards map objective, with the other being the Tactical Cuke.
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