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Mechanical Wolf Zombie (机械狼僵尸; pinyin: Jīxiè láng jiāngshī) was a zombie introduced in Far Future in Plants vs. Zombies Online. When it has gotten to the last quarter of the lawn, it would have broken into a sprint and jumped over the first plant it meets.


This zombie would have been a bit tough to take down due to its high health and speed but at it would have walked for a while, it could be stopped by a Wall-nut. As it was a machine, E.M.Peach would have also been effective at stopping it from approaching.

However, once it leaped into the air, it would have traveled a few squares in before eating through a plant fast. During that time, E.M.Peach would have been useless. In this case, the best solution was to either block it with Tall-nut although there was a possibility the player might not have obtained him yet or use plant food on Infi-nut to do the same.

Overall, it was the Far Future version of Zombie Bull and as such could be dealt with as such.



  • Its color palette is based on Gargantuar Prime.
  • The Imp controlling it is an Imp in a red jumpsuit.
  • Mechanical Wolf Zombie is the second robot designed like an animal in Plants vs. Zombies series, the first one being Zombie Bull.
    • In addition, it and Zombie Bull have similar abilities, and both have Imps controlling them.

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