The May 2020 patch is an update for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville that was released on May 26, 2020.



  • New Turf Takeover Map:  Tourist Trap Island
  • New Super Brainz Legendary Upgrade: Brainium Basher 9001 (The Final reward in the July Festival)
  • Updated Landing Page and Onboarding Tutorials
  • Added AI backfill to multiplayer games
  • New Item Bundles have been added to Rux
  • The two-headed dragon upgrade comes back to players who unlocked it
  • Made the Battle Arena groups more random



  • Pea Cannon
    • Switch to automatic fire
    • Increase blast radius 3->3.25 m
    • Increase shockwave radius 3->3.25 m

Chili Bean Bomb

  • Increase blast radius 5.5->8 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 10->8.25 m

Pea Gatling

  • Allow camera manipulation during rooting animation
    • Increase blast radius 2.75->4.75 m

Pea Suped

  • Fix speed multiplier not getting applied, increase speed multiplier 1->1.1x
  • Upgrade Last Ditch
    • Fix the issue with damage multiplier only being applied to direct damage
    • Increase damage multiplier 1.3->2.76x
    • Decrease equip cost 3->2
  • Upgrade Homing Pea
    • Increase lock distance 25->35 m
    • Increase starting turn angle 15->35°
    • Decrease lock angle 0.5->0.45°
    • Increase time to establish lock 0->1 sec
    • Increase release time 0.1->0.25 sec
    • Increase equip cost 2->3
  • Upgrade Explosive Gatling
    • Increase blast radius 2.75->4.75 m
  • Upgrade Escape Roots
    • Now triggers only for hero vanquishes (Foot Soldier, All-Star, Scientist, etc)
    • Removed downtime between reapplications
    • Increase speed multiplier 1.3->1.5x


  • Chomp
    • Switch to automatic fire


  • Now ensnares Captain Deadbeard during Barrel Blast


  • Decrease target height reach 4.24->2.5 m
    • Increase underground speed multiplier 2->2.25x
    • Speed is now normalized in all directions 
    • Fix the issue with zombies being turned into goats right before they are eaten

Grody Goop

  • Increase initial damage 35->45
    • Increase tick damage 1->4
    • Increase ability refresh time 9->10
  • Upgrade Well Fed
    • Fix underground speed to match regular Burrow
  • Upgrade Dirth Bath
    • Fix the issue with speed burst not getting turned off on Chomper being vanquished
  • Upgrade Halitosis
    • Increase blast radius 0.46->2.25 m
    • Increase shockwave radius 1.5->2.5 m
  • Upgrade Vampire Spikeweed
    • Fix the issue with Spikeweeds placed from Symbiosis upgrade not granting health

Kernel Corn

  • Shogun Guard
    • Decrease recoil when aiming
    • Increase drag start distance 30->40 m
    • Increase drag end distance 60->70 m
    • Increase final velocity post drag 400->420 m/s
    • Increase gravity of projectile -10->-36 m/s

Husk Hop

  • Decrease shockwave radius 4.51->3.75 m

Shuck Shot

  • Increase blast radius 3.5->4.75 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 7.5->5 m
  • Upgrade Super Spin
    • Add VFX treatment to show when the upgrade is active

Night Cap

  • Spore Strike
    • Increase damage 17->18
    • Decrease width of projectile 0.95->0.5 m
    • Decrease dispersion, angle increase per shot 3.6->3.2

Fung Fu

  • Increase final blow blast radius 3.2->4 m
    • Decrease final blow shockwave radius 7->4.25 m
    • Decrease windup duration 1.25->0.8 sec
    • Increase speed multiplier 0.8->0.9x
    • Increase radius of crit damage area 3.2->4.5 m
    • Decrease gravity multiplier 0.5->0.8x


Potato Mine

  • Increase blast radius 2.5->2.75 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 3.75->3 m

Big Bulb Barrage

  • Increase blast radius 2->3.25 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 4.5->3.5 m
  • Upgrade Pressure Point
    • Decrease blast radius 5->4.75 m
    • Add shockwave radius 5 m


  • Flare Ball
    • Increase blast radius 0.65->1.25 m
    • Increase shockwave radius 1->1.5 m

Blue Blazes

  • Decrease blast radius 3->2.35 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 4.2->2.6 m
  • Upgrade Radiate
    • Increase blast radius 1->2.75 m
    • Increase shockwave radius 1.9->3 m


  • Juice Cannon
    • Increase damage per projectile 2.6->3
    • Increase damage of muzzle blast 2.2->3
  • Increase total damage per shot 10->12


  • Can now cancel Space Cadet’s Gravity Smash
    • Can now destroy Engineer’s Bullhorn Swarm
    • Can now cancel All-Star’s Sprint Tackle

Acorn & Oak

Sap Trap

  • Increase blast radius 2.5->3.25 m
    • Remove damage from shockwave

Invoke Oak

  • No longer immortal for a few seconds after transformation
  • Wood Grief
    • Increase blast radius 2.25->3.25 m

Super Sap Trap

  • Increase blast radius 3->3.25 m
    • Remove damage from shockwave

Roll for Damage

  • Remove damage from shockwave



  • Increase damage 9->10
    • Allow camera manipulation during rooting animation
    • (unlisted) Removed damage falloff

Heal Beam

  • Fix the issue with Sun Pulse being interrupted when activating Heal Beam
  • Upgrade Quick Egress
    • No longer stacks with Hard Target upgrade
    • Decrease speed multiplier 1.3->1.25x
  • Upgrade Full Bloom
    • Fix the issue with incorrect heal rate


Arcane Enigma

  • Strafe multiplier 1->1.5x
    • Backwards 1->1.5x
  • Decrease speed multiplier 2->1.5x
    • Normalize speed multiplier in all directions at 1.5x
    • Decrease slowdown when receiving damage, speed multiplier 0.4->0.55 
    • Earn reduced XP for applying speed boost to AI allies 10->1 XP

Foot Soldier

  • Z-1 Assault Blaster
    • Decrease damage 6.1->5.67
    • Decrease accuracy when moving and jumping
    • Increase gravity -10->-36 m/s


  • Increase blast radius 3->5 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 7.5->5.25 m
  • Upgrade Liftoff
    • Decrease blast radius 4->3 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 5->3.25 m
  • Rocket Leap
    • Decrease equip cost 3->2
  • Upgrade Rapid Fire
    • Decrease max rate of fire 700->680
    • Decrease increase rate per shot 6->5


  • Imp Blasters
    • Decrease damage 4.95->4.5

Missile Madness

  • Decrease blast radius 6->2.8
    • Decrease shockwave radius 6.02->3.05
    • Fix the issue that Mech death was not stopping Missile Madness

Explosive Escape

  • Decrease inner blast radius 14.9->7.5 m
    • Decrease outer blast radius 14.9->14.75 m
    • Decrease shockwave damage 40->15 m

Bionic Bash

  • Decrease refresh time 15->10 sec
    • Decrease shockwave 6->5.75 m

Super Brainz

  • Alpha Better Shield
    • Fix the issue with aim setting “Toggle Aim” not working with shield

Turbo Twister

  • Increase damage per hit 13->16, for a total damage increase of 104->144
    • Increase speed multiplier 1.35->1.4x
    • Increase max damage range 2.75->4.25 m
    • Increase min damage range 6->7.5 m
    • Increase refresh time 14->18.5 sec
    • Increase active time 1.25->1.55 sec

Hyper Jump Thump

  • Decrease victim launch radius 12->10 m
    • Decrease blast radius 8->6 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 10->6.25 m

Super Ultra Ball

  • Decrease refresh time 20.5->17.85
    • Decrease blast damage 50->25
    • Increase blast radius 3->5 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 8.5->5.25 m
    • Return character control sooner after Ultra Ball has been unleashed
  • Upgrade Typhoon
    • Knocks enemies upward on each hit
  • Upgrade Speed Bag
    • Fix the issue with duration not resetting properly on each vanquish
    • Fix the issue with speed increase not stacking properly
    • Add VFX treatment to show when the upgrade is active

80s Action Hero

  • Bow Blaster
    • Increase full charge blast radius 2.5->2.75 m
    • Decrease full charge blast radius 3.5->3 m

Dynamite Dodge

  • Increase blast radius 3->4 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 5->4.25 m

Rocket Ride

  • Increase blast radius 1.8->2 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 4.75->2.25


  • Increase blast radius 1.5->1.75 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 2.25->2 m
  • Upgrade Leg Day
    • Fix incorrect refresh time

Electric Slide

Funky Bouncer

  • Fix pull range by increasing radius 2.5->3.85 m

Disco Tornado

  • Decrease blast radius 5.6->5.5 m
    • Increase shockwave radius 5.7->5.75 m
  • Upgrade Amplification
    • Fix pull range by increasing radius 3.5->6 m
  • Upgrade Malfunction
    • Decrease blast radius 5->4.75 m
    • Add shockwave radius 5 m

Captain Deadbeard

Barrel Blast

  • Decrease shockwave radius 7->5 m

Anchor's Away

  • Switch cancel buttons from interact to ability button


  • Increase main egg blast radius 4.5->5 m
    • Decrease main egg shockwave radius 10->5.25 m
    • Decrease cluster egg shockwave radius 5->2.5 m

Space Cadet & Space Station

  • Cosmo Shot
    • Increase time to establish lock 0->1 sec

Gravity Smash

  • Decrease blast radius 4.3->3.5 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 4.5->3.75 m

Station Inflation

  • No longer immortal for a few seconds after transformation

Hands-On Torpedo

  • Decrease shockwave radius 4->2.75 m

Crater Maker

  • Fix the issue with passengers zoom transition being really slow when Crater Maker is active


Imp Punt

  • Increase blast radius 3.2->4.5 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 5.5->4.75 m

Sprint Tackle

  • Decrease contact explosion 4.25->4.15 m
    • Remove the camera lock after the first couple frames of dash
    • (unlisted) Shoot the Gap upgrade now recharges after Sprint Tackle ends instead of when the ability starts

Dummy Shield

  • Fix deploy check so Dummy doesn’t end up on the other side of a wall


  • Steam Blaster
    • Fix the issue when using Heal Spray that was resetting weapon delay
    • Fix the issue with the tombstone screen showing the incorrect weapon name
  • Upgrade Wormhole
    • Increase range 22.5->27 m
    • Fix the issue with sprint being canceled
  • Upgrade Dolphin Blasting
    • Add VFX treatment to show when the upgrade is active


  • Concrete Launcher
    • Decrease shockwave radius 3.2->2.75 m
    • Switch to automatic fire

Bullhorn Swarm

  • Can now cancel Snapdragon’s Swoop Slam

Double Time

  • Strafe multiplier 1.04->1.5x
    • Backwards 0.5->1.5x
  • Decrease speed multiplier 1.8->1.5x
    • Normalize speed multiplier in all directions at 1.5x
  • Upgrade Seismic
    • Increase knockback area dimensions, length 4->6 m, width 2->5.5 m
    • Decrease time between knockbacks after landing 2->0.5 sec



  • Vanquish 50->15 XP
    • Starz Align Vanquish 50->15 XP
    • Assist 10->5 XP
    • Starz Align Assist 25->10 XP
    • Fix the issue with Wizard being forced out of Co-Star and falling off the map not attributing a vanquish to the player who forced the Wizard out of Co-Star
  • Reduce XP reward for vanquishes and assists
  • Shooting Star
    • Decrease blast radius 1.9->1.8 m
    • Increase shockwave radius 2->2.05 m

Other Changes


  • Increase speed multiplier 1.425->1.5x


  • Increase strafe speed multiplier 0.8->0.95x
    • Increase backwards speed multiplier 0.5->0.75x
    • Decrease in air speed 8.35->7.75 m/s
    • Add in air deceleration


  • Can now be canceled with the 'cancel button/key'
    • Increase area that an ally can be revived 4->4.5 m
    • Increase mobility when reviving, speed multiplier 0.5->0.65x
    • The Revive Stat has been updated to count for all players who participate in reviving an ally, not just the first player who begins reviving an ally


  • Change explosion distances on all character abilities so min damage does not go through walls


  • Chomper and Super Brainz melee attacks are now considered critical damage so they can earn critical vanquishes

Upgrade Hard Target

  • Increase speed multiplier 1.15->1.25x
    • No longer stacks with Sunflower’s Quick Egress upgrade


  • Fixed issues with explosions going through walls
  • Fixed an issue where the Trolly Message constantly plays (in Giddy Park)
  • Fixed the Wizard Gesture
  • Fixed Broken Reloading animations
  • Fixed the Piercing Power upgrade
  • Fixed the Wizard’s invincibility bug
  • Fixed the bug where Thorn apart wasn’t keeping orbs after being revived
  • Fixed the Super Brainz not being able to use shield depending on your aim setting

Unlisted Changes

  • Spotlight upgrade description changed from 'Display health bar of enemy to team by dealing damage with Spike Shot' to 'Display health bar of enemy to team by dealing damage with Needle Shot'
  • Nerfed Rose XP exploit in Will You Be My Posse due to the decreased XP gain from AI
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