The May 2018 Patch is a balancing patch for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 that was released on May 17th, 2018. The patch mostly focused on changing the Citron class's playstyle as well as buffing some Engineer variants.

Dev Notes

Here are the details for the latest patch in Garden Warfare 2!

The playstyle of Citrons has been adjusted so they are better suited to be hit and run specialists. As a result, their long-range damage has been reduced, requiring Citrons to utilize their mobility, shields and EMPeach give them an edge in battle. This change will reinforce their intended role as a high mobility close-combat tank. EMPeach has also had its crowd control capabilities adjusted, allowing zombies more of an opportunity to escape.

Over on the zombie side: Engineer, Painter, Plumber, and Sanitation Expert all received enhancements to make them more effective options within the Engineer class. Improving upon Engineers mobility abilities, players no longer have to wait as long before jumping back on the Jack Hammer and tearing up the battle; or those Engineers looking for a taste of speed can hop on the Turbo Jack Hammer, which now travels the same distance as the Jack Hammer but has a longer cooldown.

Balancing Notes

Tuning Changes:

  • Citron
    • Increased the Orange Beam's close range impact damage from 6 - 9
    • Reduced the Orange Beam's long range impact damage from 3 - 2
    • Reduced Splash Damage from 5 - 2
  • Frozen Citron
    • Reduced the Frosty Beam's long range damage from 5.5 - 3
  • Electro Citron
    • Reduced the Electro Charger's long range uncharged shot damage from 8 - 3.5
    • Reduced the Electro Charger's long range first charge shot impact damage from 40 - 22
    • Reduced the Electro Charger's first charge splash damage from 25 - 15
    • Reduced the Electro Charger's long range max charge impact damage from 65 - 37
    • Reduced the Electro Charger's max charge splash damage from 40 - 25
  • Party Citron
    • Increased the Party Laser's close range impact damage from 6 - 11
    • Decreased the Party Laser's long range impact damage from 8 - 4
    • Decreased the Party Laser's splash damage from 5 - 2
  • Toxic Citron
    • Decreased the Limer Slimer's long range impact damage from 5 - 2
  • Iron Citron
    • Decreased the Mech Breaker's long range impact damage from 25 - 15
    • Decreased the Mech Breaker's long range splash damage from 12.5 - 7.5
  • EMPeach
    • Decreased the stun effect from 50% - 20%
  • Engineer
    • Increased the Concrete Launcher's impact damage from 35 - 40
  • Painter
    • Increased Paint Crossbow's the projectile speed
    • Improved the reticle
  • Plumber
    • Increased the Plunge Shot's splash damage radius
  • Sanitation Expert
    • Increased the Toxic Trash's splash damage from 15 - 18
    • Increased the Toxic Trash's projectile speed
  • Jackhammer
    • Decreased the Jackhammer's duration from 15 - 12
    • Decreased the Jackhammer's cooldown from 30 -25 seconds
  • Turbo Jackhammer
    • Increased the Turbo Jackhammer's duration from 5 - 8.5 seconds
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