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Master Blaster was an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. To achieve it, the player had to defeat a Rocket Zombie with a Snow Pea.


Master Blaster's name might have been a reference to the song of the same name by Stevie Wonder. It might also have been a reference to the Blaster Master video game series.


Despite how specific it sounds, Master Blaster is actually particularly easy, as the Rocket Zombie's natural weakness is Snow Pea and because Snow Pea is unlocked after reclaiming The Post Office Lot, the lot that must be reclaimed before getting to Killjoy Park, the world where the player first meets the Rocket Zombie. You will most likely get this achievement, as you use the new plant unlocked, which was Snow Pea, to take out a Rocket Zombie on the first level. Along with that, one of the loading screen tips hinted "Snow Pea takes out Rocket Zombie's rocket!"


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