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The March 2020 patch is an update for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville that was released on March 24, 2020.



  • Rank Battle Arena is now live! Compete each season against other players to advance ranks and earn Rainbow Stars.
  • New Battle Arena layout.
    • Active map will cycle weekly between current and new layout.
    • New layout will randomly choose from three hazards: Water, Hot Cheese, and Pink Slime.
  • Added Personal Offers to Rux's Emporium
  • Added new one time offer: Star Studded Pack
  • New Legendary Upgrade for Rose
    • Available on the April Prize Map, and in Rux's Emporium in May
  • Legendary Upgrade - Zombies
    • Available on the May Prize Map, and in Rux's Emporium in June
  • Added a 'NEW' Notification to items in the Social Board - highlighting new Emojis, Expressions, and Gestures.


  • Added a new 'Lock-On' UI element that displays when the player is being targeted by a Homing Ability.
    • Includes Thorn Apart, Spell Disaster, Can’t Miss-ile, Blue Blazes



  • Chili Bean Bomb
    • Decrease refresh time 18->14.85 sec
    • Refresh timer doesn’t start until explosion
  • Upgrade Bean Party
    • Increase refresh reduction 1->4.5 sec


  • Spikeweed and Grody Goop
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned
  • Burrow
    • Target detection improved
    • Increase chomp distance 3.0->3.75 m
    • Increase chomp height distance 1.0->4.25 m

Kernel Corn

  • Butter Beacon
    • Increase active spotting 4->6 sec
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned
  • Legendary Upgrade Shogun Guard
    • Fix issue with Rapid Recob Upgrade not working
  • Upgrade Rapid Recob
    • Increase reload time multiplier 0.5714286->0.5x

Night Cap

  • Casting Shadows
    • Fix issue with aiming not being allowed when inside Casting Shadows area of effect
    • Decrease push force applied 2.0->1.5
    • Decrease aim modifier 0.7->0.8x
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned
  • Upgrade Parkour
    • Decrease strafe speed multiplier 1.84->1.4x
    • Decrease backpedal speed multiplier 1.84->1.2x
  • Shadow Sling
    • Decrease speed multiplier 1.8->1.4x
    • Decrease active duraton 2->1.5 sec
    • Increase out duration 1->1.5 sec


  • Upgrade Popcorn
    • Triggers on any vanquish randomly, not just critical vanquishes


  • Flame Blower
    • Decrease range 30->25 m
    • Increase initial velocity 62->75 m/s
    • Add drag start distance 12 m
    • Add drag end distance 19 m
    • Add final velocity post drag 32 m/s
  • Blue Blazes
    • Decrease direct damage 75->65
    • Decrease splash damage 50->35
    • Decrease refresh time 17->14.25 sec
  • Blazing Trail
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned

Acorn & Oak

  • Treetop Turret
    • Add 1.5 damage modifier to shields
  • Treeject
    • Decrease inactive time 1->0.75 sec
  • Lumber Support
    • Decrease healing 157.5->100 health
    • Decrease refresh time 15->12 sec
  • Passenger Passive
    • Remove armor
  • Invoke Oak
    • Decrease summon time 4->3 sec
  • Super Sap Trap
    • Increase arming time 0.35->0.85 sec
    • Decrease refresh time 24->19 sec
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned
  • Roll for Damage
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned
    • Fix character challenge multi-hit
  • Upgrade Hardened
    • Decrease Acorn health gain 50->25 health
    • Increase Oak health gain 50->75 health


  • Sunny Side Up
    • Increase refresh time 16->22.25 sec
    • Increase heal amount per sundrop 2.25->2.4 health
    • Decrease number of sundrops spawned 28->21
    • Fix camera priorities so sprint camera still activates
    • Fix missing camera bob on sundrop spawn
  • Heal Beam
    • Decrease heal rate 25->20.85 health/sec
  • Upgrade Vampire Flower
    • Increase heal rate 6.25-> 8.35 health/sec
  • Upgrade Pocket Protection
    • Increase heal rate 10->12.5 health/sec
  • Upgrade Sunslinger
    • Decrease equip cost 4->3
    • Increase heal rate 6.25-> 8.32 health/sec
  • Upgrade Blossom
    • Sunflower who is healing can no longer be target of additional Heal Beam


  • Arcane Enigma
    • Increase refresh time 20->60 sec
    • Refresh timer starts on ability activate
    • Increase allies speed boost application rate 0.5->0.25 sec
    • Add refresh rate increase for buffing allies 6.4x
    • Increase speed multiplier when receiving damage 0.85->0.4x
    • Fix issue with speed decrease not being cleared when Enigma ends
  • Goatify
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned
    • Fix issue with Captain Deadbeard controls being bugged if Goatified while in barrel

Foot Soldier

  • Super Stink Cloud
    • Decrease refresh time 29->20 sec
    • Decrease active time 15->10 sec
    • Refresh timer doesn't start until gas dissipates
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned
  • ZPG
    • Refresh decrease 24->23.75 sec


  • Gravity Grenade
    • Should no longer work through shields
    • Increase throw distance
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned

Super Brainz

  • Bone Collision
    • Decrease head, arm, spine, and fist collision sizes
    • Increase max health 150->175
  • Alpha Better Shield
    • Increase health 120->160
    • Decrease shield regen rate 15->10.666 health/sec
    • Decrease shield regen delay 2.0->0.0 sec
    • Decrease shield regen delay from destroyed 10->0 sec
    • Decrease min shield health from destroyed 40->22 health
    • Decrease strafe speed modifier 0.8->1.0x
    • Increase backpedal speed modifier 1.0->2.0x
    • Remove transition time back to Heroic Fists
    • Fix issue with shield not being lowered when picking up Gnome Bomb

Electric Slide

  • Boogie Bolt
    • Decrease damage 16.8->14.9
    • Decrease initial velocity 1000->650 m/s
    • Decrease drag start distance 50->20 m
    • Decrease drag end distance 80->40 m
    • Decrease post drag velocity 600->400 ms/s
    • Switch to automatic fire
    • Increase damage of electric arc 7->14
    • Fix issue with arc lighting jumping to more than one target per arc jump
  • Funky Bouncer
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned
  • Disco Tornado
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned

Captain Deadbeard

  • Anchor Shot
    • Fix issue with targeting arc not turning off after being revived if vanquished with weapon primed
    • Increase damage 20->50, have fun with that
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned
  • Eggsplosion
    • Fix issue with ability refresh timer not resetting
  • Upgrade Powder Keg
    • Remove secondary explosion
      • This fixes a glitch with this upgrade where equipping it will cause the Barrel Blast to deal 300 damage
  • Upgrade Heavy Metal
    • Updated description to match gameplay; full charges lasts until next shot
  • Upgrade Long Barrel
    • Fix issue with reticle not adjusting to new accuracy

Space Cadet & Space Station

  • Gravity Smash
    • Fix issue with refresh timer starting early
  • Cosmo Shot
    • Decrease damage 6.9->6.5
  • Asteroid Shield
    • Decrease health 300->125
  • Hands-On Torpedo
    • Increase lifetime 10->15 sec
    • Increase refresh time 14->20 sec
    • Increase direct damage 40->50
    • Decrease splash damage 70->50
  • Big Bang Burst
    • Decrease damage 10.5->9.9
    • Decrease initial velocity 800->620 m/s
    • Add drag start distance 30 m
    • Add drag end distance 60 m
    • Add final velocity post drag 400 m/s
  • Space Force
    • Increase movement speed multiplier 1.2->1.25x
    • Decrease refresh multiplier 5->2.8x
    • Decrease Big Bang Burst rate of fire multiplier 1.5->1.3x
    • Decrease Cosmo Shot rate of fire multiplier 1.5->1.15x
  • Crater Maker
    • Add initial refresh
  • Upgrade Titanium Plating
    • Decrease health 30->20
  • Upgrade Afterburners
    • Increase movement speed multiplier 1.2->1.44x
  • Upgrade Bullseye
    • Fix issue with incorrect projectile being used


  • Goo Blaster
    • Switch to automatic fire
  • Sticky Healy Thingy
    • Increase healing rate 18.0->30.3333 health/sec
    • Decrease active heal time 5.0->3.0 sec
    • Increase refresh time 20.0->32.0 sec
  • Heal Spray
    • Decrease heal rate 22->20.85 health/sec (not true, see below)
      • Increase heal rate 20 -> 20.85 health/sec as the heal rate buff was not applied in the February 2020 patch
    • Fix residual heal, now does intended healing of 5.0 health/sec for 5 seconds
  • Upgrade Power Wash
    • Increase heal rate 6.25->8.75 health/sec
    • Increase range 18->20m
  • Upgrade CPR
    • Increase heal rate 6.25-> 8.32 health/sec
  • Upgrade Reflexive
    • Increase heal rate 10->12.5 health/sec


  • Bullhorn Swarm
    • Adjust trajectory to be more center screen aligned
    • Decrease gravity of initial projectile
  • Upgrade Turbo Charge
    • Remove UI health element
  • Upgrade Rally the Troops
    • Fix issue with missing refresh reduction
    • Increase refresh reduction 1->4.5 sec
  • Upgrade Double Time
    • Fix issue with proper speed blending
  • Overhealth now dissipates over time
    • Add decay delay 10 sec
    • Add decay rate -2.0 health/sec


    • Remove camera control reduction
    • Improve blending of sprinting movement speed to regular movement speed


  • Improved fix for issue in which characters become invisible in Giddy Park.
  • Fixed issue in which the Directional Hit Markers would not be shown for the attack that vanquishes the player. The player will now see the Directional Hit Indicator for the attack that vanquishes them.
  • Fixed XP issue with Deadbeard's Scurvy Scattershot
    • This fixes an exploit with Deadbeard's primary weapon where dealing damage with Scurvy Scattershot immediately after dealing damage with fully charged Spyglass Shot will cause the game to give max zoom damage XP bonus for the Scattershot, allowing the player to get up to 150 XP within one shot.
  • Fixed issue in which the Revive SFX would continue to player if the player was killed mid-revive
  • Fixed Imp Upgrade "Butt Booster Booster" - Was preventing jumping when Hover was canceled early
  • Fixed Citron Upgrade "Emergency Exit" - Was making Citron invulnerable


  • This is the first patch notes that mention an XP exploit being patched. Previously, XP exploits were always part of unlisted changes and never disclosed in the patch notes.