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The Map was a location in Plants vs. Zombies Online. At this location, the player could send off one of their decks of plants to harvest coins that could later be obtained through the Treasury building. Sending the plants off would take an amount of time to get to the nearby mining location, but it could be boosted up with Acceleration Cards. After the plants were arrived, the harvest began.

Note that moving the house would also create four new empty mining locations. If the player's house was close to an another user's house, they could conquer their mining locations nearby by sending their plants there and win the other user's plant deck. The player could also battle the other user with their plants.

The player could select one of three areas to be in, and the higher one would contain houses of higher-ranked players, and would give more rewards. Special figures would reward the player with rewards daily in Daily Benefits. The player could move their house and their mining locations with Map Relocation Cards.