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Buying mallets in Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies.

The mallet is a small wooden hammer used in Plants vs. Zombies. It is found in Whack a Zombie, Vasebreaker, Last Stand, and Survival Mode (iOS and Android versions only). 


Last Stand and Survival

Whack PC

The mallet on Whack a Zombie's PC icon

DS Mallet

Mallet in the Nintendo DS version

One mallet can kill a normal Zombie instantly in the Puzzle Mode version of Last Stand and Survival Mode on iOS and Android. For a Gargantuar, it will take four hits and eight for a Giga-gargantuar. It means a mallet strike deals 750 DPS (damage per shot) to a zombie. They can be bought at Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies. Three mallets cost $3000, six mallets cost $5000, and nine mallets cost $7000, so buying nine mallets would have the best unit price. They cannot be bought in succession in the Android version. When the player first plays Last Stand or Survival, they will get five free mallets. A good strategy to use is to hit zombies at the edge of the screen in flags rapidly or zombies about to reach the house.

Whack a Zombie

In Whack a Zombie and Level 2-5 of Plants vs. Zombies, the mallet is used to kill zombies. However, unlike the mallets in Last Stand, there is only one mallet in Whack a Zombie that can be reused an infinite amount of times. Also, it takes more hits to kill some zombies. A normal Zombie lasts for one hit, a Conehead Zombie lasts for two hits, while a Buckethead Zombie lasts for three hits. Every time a zombie is killed, a small "POW" appears on the screen. In iOS and Android versions, try to use more fingers to attack multiple zombies at a time.


The mallet also appears in Vasebreaker, but the player can only use it to break vases.


  • When they are activated in Last Stand or Survival, the Loonboon music (the mini-game theme) will begin to play. It will switch back to the normal theme once the this is used up.
  • As an item, the player cannot buy them if they have 100 or more of these, but they can still obtain them beyond 99 by buying the pack of mallets, allowing up to a total of owning 108 of this at a time.
  • It can affect and kill hypnotized zombies.

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