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Major Problem

Major Problem

Major Problem is a boss in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, and the final boss of Mount Steep. It is a giant robot made from a hive mind of Miner Problems and is fought at Rock Bottom.

To start the battle, the player must enter the Boss Gate and traverse through a desert canyon before jumping into a large pit leading into Rock Bottom. The player must then continue through the small cave before reaching a massive open cave system acting as the core of the cheese 'volcano'. A Miner Problem will appear, and the boss fight begins once the player shoots it down, who will then fall into the cheese and amalgamate into Major Problem along with other Miner Problems. To defeat it, you must destroy the lit light-bulbs that randomly light up on Major Problem, while avoiding its attacks and the "cheese lava".


Phase 1

The first phase of Major Problem's boss fight takes place on a large rocky plain with a decent amount of cover. It continuously fires a barrage of explosive cheese rockets at the players.

Phase 2

After Major Problem causes the cheese level to rise, the player will fight it on a much smaller platform with only one rock to use as cover. Major Problem's attacks in this phase are;

  • Firing a barrage of explosive cheese rockets at the players.
  • Spraying fire at the players with its claw.
  • Attacking the players underneath the platform with its drill.
  • Summoning Miner Problems to assist it fighting the players.

Phase 3

After causing the cheese level to rise once more, the platform the player will fight on is much smaller with no cover and is split into four pieces after Major Problem cuts it into four. Small unstable platforms will also surface to form a circular arena. Because there is no cover, the player must run around the arena to stay ahead of his attacks.

  • Major Problem fires a barrage of explosive cheese rockets at the players.
  • Major Problem uses its claw hand as a flamethrower and sprays fire at the players.
  • Major Problem submerges itself and summons Miner Problems to assist it fighting the players.

Upon defeated, Major Problem will sink and then appear between the platforms and the hole at the volcano walls but unable to do anything as it has been taken serious damage from the fight. It begins to malfunction and then proceeded to sink again for good.

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Defeat Major Problem.


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