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The Mailbox is an interactive object in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 that delivers news about the game, such as updates and weekly Hero Showcases, to the player. It is located in the Backyard Battleground.


Mail 1
PvZ GW2-Pre-Order Edition

How clever, you've pre-ordered PvZ GW2

Open your gifts in the Sticker Shop to receive:

-Grass Effect Pack - Z7 Imp and Mech in-game character variant

-Emoji pack 14 character 

-Customizations, 1 for each class

-Helpful Fun Pack - 5 items

-Mix of customizations and consumable items.

Character Import

Use the Import Characters feature to import many of the characters and abilities you have collected in PvZ Garden Warfare. These characters will be ready for you to play in PvZ Garden Warfare whenever you want.

NOTE: This feature is available through February 2017. Ability to import characters may be limited temporarily limited by server availability.

Hero Showcase Hero showcases are plant(s) or zombie(s) you get to test out for free every week. If you want the hero you can buy the sticker pack in the shop to keep that charcter forever
Player Loyalty

Check to see if the player rank you've earned PvZ Garden Warfare has earned you sweet rewards. Each reward tier includes all previous rewards:

Rank 10+ - Helpful Fun Pack 

Rank 25+ - Wonderous Pack of Greatness

Rank 50+ - Phenomenal Character Pack

Rank 100+ - Century Pack

Rank 313 - Unicorn Chomper

NOTE: This feature is available through February 2017. Ability to claim loyalty rewards may be temporarily limited by server availability.

Mail 5
Welcome to the PvZ GW2 TRIAL! Thanks for joining Crazy Dave and Zomboss for the PvZ GW2 TRIAL. Before jumping in, we'd like to point out that you have access to the full PvZ GW2 game for 10 hours starting right now. Also, all progress you make will carry over, should you decide to upgrade to the full game once the trial is over...and to be honest, who wouldn't? It's amazing!
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PvZ GW2 -Deluxe Edition

How clever, you've purchased  PvZ GW2 -Deluxe Edition

Open your gifts in the Sticker Shop to receive:

-Grass Effect Pack - Z7 Imp and Mech in-game character variant

-Emoji pack -14 character customazation items

-2 customazation sets - Cob's Attack Pack & Super Brain's Bench-press pack

-Phonomenal Character Pack- 5 items guaranteed to unlock a new character

-200k coins-those will come in handy... treat your self to some packs in the shop

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Springening has Sprung! The annual springening celebration has begun! Hit the sticker shop from now until April 4th to get yourself a free Springening Sticker Pack. Avalible for a limted time only,it contains special character and backround customazation items!
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Celebrate Birthdayz! May 5-8

Plants Vs. Zombies is turning 7! Come party with Max XP  (up to 2X), Plus, play during the event to get a Birthdayz pack!

No need to RSVP, just show up in your party plants

Mail 5
Free Trial for your friends

Friends can now join you in PVZ GW2 for free during a limited time 10 hour trial!Together you can:

  • Explore the backyard battleground
  • Play flag of power mode
  • Enter Graveyard or Garden Ops modes (with up to 3  friends)
  • Team up for multiplayer
  • show off your fancy plants custimazation 

Playing with your friends has never been easier. Just use the world options station to invite or join your friends.

This trial run through May 10, 10 am (17:00 UTC )

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Trouble In zombopolis- Part 1 has arrived

Toxic Citron is leading the charge of elite plants to destroy Zomboss's Ultra Zombot 6000* factory and guardian the crunchy caped crusader Breakfest Brains *With recharable overshield 

Whats new in the game:

  • New map Zombopolis
  • New charcters toxic citron and breakfest brainz
  • 1,200  new customazation items

Character Balancing

  • Gameplay improvements

see the blog for news

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Trouble in Zombopolis -Part 2  has arrived

Continue the battle with two exciting features

-Community Challenges:Join the community and work together to earn chest pack with goodness

-Delivery Time  Badges:Deliver tasty chomper pizza and zomburgers to earn your delivery badges!

plus  a ton of new character balancing 

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