Mail - Plants vs

Mail - Plants vs. Zombies

In the Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita versions of Plants vs. Zombies, a Mail section was added to save all notes found during Adventure Mode, news, and "CRAAZY DEALS that you'd have to be dead to turn down!" from Crazy Dave. The messages can be marked as "Read" once they are seen, which puts them in a separate pile, which the player may view at any time, and then sort them by what they are (Zombie Notes, Post Cards from Crazy Dave, etc.). It is unclear if the news will be actual game updates from PopCap Games or not. It is also not known what those deals will be, seeing, as many players have already bought most (if not all) of the items in the game. They could quite possibly be deals for Plants vs. Zombies Marketplace items or even deals on new items they bring into the game. The world may never know.

The first Post Card the player gets is from Crazy Dave himself and reads as follows.

Transcript of Crazy Dave's Letter

Hey Neighbor!

This here is your mailbox. You'll get mail sometimes! Sometimes, it's news. Other times, it's CRAAZY DEALS that you'd have to be dead to turn down! PressXBOX A/PS3 Xif you've read a message and are done with it. And use L/PS3 Circle to navigate through your unread mail! You can check your read messages by pressing PS3 X/PS3 Square.

Mail card

Crazy Dave's post card


  • Crazy Dave has very neat handwriting for someone who is considered crazy.
  • In the disc version of the game, Crazy Dave's note is absent.
  • Behind all the messages, there is an empty post card that says "Posthumous card."
  • In the main menu, the Raven will say "Receive letters from Zombies of acquaintance."
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