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The Magnet line is a Tenacious plant line in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars.

The line consists of Magnet-shroom (磁力菇; pinyin: TBA), Electromagnetic Mushroom (电磁菇; pinyin: diàncí gū), and Magneto Mushroom (万磁菇; pinyin: wàn cí gū). All of them attack zombies with their magnets.


Magnet-shroom evolves into Electromagnetic Mushroom, which evolves into Magneto Mushroom.

Plant Food/Anger effect

Tier Effect Description
Armor-Breaking Attack
Magnet-shroom uses magnetic power to suck all enemies' armor, lower their defenses and use the armor to make a shield, making Magnet-shroom take less damage for the next two turns. After that, Magnet-shroom will throw out the armor and deal damage to the whole lane. Requires Tenacious Plant Food to activate.
Anti-Gravity Wave
Electromagnetic Mushroom worries that his things will be stolen when he dies. When he dies, he has a chance to make attackers float. Floating enemies can not be attacked nor attack plants. Lasts for two turns. Requires Tenacious Plant Food to activate.
Magnet Conversion
Before battle, Magneto Mushroom will use magnetic conversion to convert the plant with the highest defense into attack, lasting for ten turns. Requires Tenacious Plant Food to activate.




Electromagnetic Mushroom

Magneto Mushroom

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