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For more information about the character that this line was based on, see Magnet-shroom.

The Magnet line (磁菇系; pinyin: cí gū xì) was a Class A PvZAS Icon Tenacious.pngTenacious plant line in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars.

The line consisted of Magnet-shroom (磁力菇; pinyin: cílì gū), Electromagnet-shroom (电磁菇; pinyin: diàncí gū), and Magneto-shroom (万磁菇; pinyin: wàn cí gū). They all specialized in lowering the defense of large groups of enemies and attacked by tossing their magnets.


All members of the Magnet line were based on the Magnet-shroom from Plants vs. Zombies 2, albeit in different colors and appearances.

The first evolution shared the exact same appearance as Magnet-shroom's costumed appearance.

Magneto-shroom's name is based on Magneto, a fictional superhero.

Almanac entry

Magnet line Almanac.png

Ways to obtain

The Magnet line was given as a reward for collecting 90 stars in Ancient Egypt. Additional puzzle pieces could be obtained by replaying The Great Wall of China - Day 18, Kongfu World - Day 8 and Viking World - Day 28 or through Soulmates Puzzle system.


Abilities were unlocked by tiering up, while their effect was increased through star leveling.

Note: 10(+5)% means that at LV1 this ability had a 10% on LV1, 15% on LV2 and so on.

Tier Effect Description
1 Magnet line Ability1.png
Armor Breaker
Lowers defense of all enemies by 180(+180) for 2 turns and converts it into its armor.
After 2 turns deals damage equal to armor converted to all enemies in its lane.
2 Magnet line Ability2.png
Anti-Gravity Wave
Upon death has a 30(+15)% chance to neutrailze (can't attack or be attacked) its killer for 2 turns.
3 Magnet line Ability3.png
Polarity Reversal
At the start of each wave converts up to 150(+150) defense of a plant with the highest defense into attack for 10 turns.

Star leveling

After unlocking the Magnet line, additional puzzle pieces could be used to upgrade it, which increased its stats and ability LVs.

Stars Puzzle Pieces&LV IconAS.png required Upgrade Coins Stars Puzzle Pieces&LV IconAS.png required Upgrade Coins
1 Green StarAS.png 0 HP IconAS.png+439


0k 1 Purple StarAS.png 40 HP IconAS.png+873 100k
2 Green StarAS.png 2 Def IconAS.png+256 1k 2 Purple StarAS.png 40 Dmg IconAS.png+167 121k
3 Green StarAS.png 4 Dodge+292 4k 3 Purple StarAS.png 50 Dodge+960 144k
4 Green StarAS.png 8 Def IconAS.png+294 9k 4 Purple StarAS.png 50 HP IconAS.png+1010 169k
5 Green StarAS.png 15 HP IconAS.png+501


16k 5 Purple StarAS.png 60 Dmg IconAS.png+168


1 Blue StarAS.png 15 Def IconAS.png+369 25k 1 Orange StarAS.png 60 Dmg IconAS.png+208 225k
2 Blue StarAS.png 20 HP IconAS.png+609 36k 2 Orange StarAS.png 70 HP IconAS.png+1034 256k
3 Blue StarAS.png 20 Rigid+223 49k 3 Orange StarAS.png 70 Rigid+460 289k
4 Blue StarAS.png 30 HP IconAS.png+740 64k 4 Orange StarAS.png 80 Dmg IconAS.png+272 324k
5 Blue StarAS.png 30 Dmg IconAS.png+144


81k 5 Orange StarAS.png 80 HP IconAS.png+1089




Magnet line stats would be increased if these specific plants were unlocked.

Plant line Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Ice Pea line Droplet ShooterAS.png
Snow PeaAS.png
Frostbolt ShooterAS.png
Corn line Kernel-pultAS.png
Cob CannonAS.png
Coconut line+
Tree line
Coconut SniperAS.png+Small BushAS.png
Def IconAS.png+5%
Coconut CannonAS.png+FirmianaAS.png
Def IconAS.png+10%
Coconut Rocket LauncherAS.png+CypressAS.png
Def IconAS.png+15%








  • The Magnet line was changed between updates.
    • There was a game mechanic, based on elements. Magnet line's element was magnetic.
    • Magnet line used to be unlocked by beating American Suburbs - Day 5.
    • Magnet line used to have combinations with Spike line (attack increased by +10%), with Spray Mushroom line and Doom line (crit increased by +10% and crit defend increased by +15%).
    • Magnet line used to have these upgrades:
      • Weapon: branch spear. Armor: moss armor. Costume: common bow tie. 500 coins.
      • Weapon: branch spear. Armor: weed armor. Costume: common bow tie+1. 1,000 coins
      • Weapon: bamboo spear. Armor: weed armor. Costume: common bow tie+2. 5,000 coins
  • Armor Breaker's animation didn't show up when stealing armor from armored enemies.
    • However, this animation existed, as members of Magnet line could steal a bucket from Mecha-Football Zombie, summoned by Zombot Tomorrow-tron, which would turn the mech into a future zombie. It is currently unknown if the change was purely visual or not.
  • If you play old versions, will appear an advertisement to purchase the plant, if you purchase it, you will get Magneto-shroom.
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