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Magnet Plant was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. The player earned him after reclaiming The Fire Station Lot. He was one of the weakest plants in the Plants vs. Zombies series and the weakest plant in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures; 2 bites would knock him out.



He is based on Magnet-shroom.  

His Facebook description references the term "magnetic personality," meaning a sense of calm self-confidence and authenticity that draws others towards instinctively; as well as describe his ability.

Facebook description

Gives a whole new meaning to "magnetic personality." He gobbles up things he attracts.

List of magnetic objects


Stolen objects


  • Despite officially being called Magnet Plant, his seed packet when first dropped says "Magnet Shroom" instead of the correct "Magnet Plant." However, as soon as the seed was picked up, it changed to the correct name.
    • Flaming Pea also had the incorrect name when the seed packet was first dropped (Fire Pea instead of Flaming Pea).
  • He and Puff-shroom in Plants vs. Zombies 2 have the lowest amount of health of Plants not meant to be eaten.
  • His Facebook description says that he eats the things he attracts. However, he is never seen having a visible mouth.
  • When he was boosted, for a brief moment, his range increased but could not attract anything in the extended range.
  • The reason for Popcap making up a completely different plant to replace the Magnet-shroom in PvZA was because the Magnet-shroom could have been too sleepy to steal metal from zombies. Before PvZ2 was created, mushrooms did sleep when it was daytime. 

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