Magical Fruit is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It requires the player to stun ten zombies with a single Chili Bean or Imp Pear. It is worth 5 points on Game Center for iOS devices and 500 XP on Google Play Games for Android devices.


This achievement's name is a reference to "Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit", a children's song.


A good strategy is to stall one zombie with a defensive plant and stall the rest of the zombies with another defensive plant. When there are ten zombies, dig up the Tall-nut that one zombie is eating and plant the Chili Bean there. Do not forget to put Plant Food on Tall-nuts, as well as replacing them. Some zombies may make it past the Chili Bean though. A single Sweet Potato will absorb up to three lanes of zombies, and you can dig it up to save sun for the Chili Bean.

You can also stick a Chili Bean in the middle of a horde of zombies and then use Plant Food on it, creating three new Chili Beans and stunning the zombies around it. However, if you do this in Ancient Egypt, make sure there are not many Explorer Zombies, as they can burn the Chili Bean, killing them instantly.

You could also use Chili Beans in Endless Zones (except for Terror from Tomorrow as it contains robot zombies who are immune to Chili Bean's gas) on levels with triple digits because the zombie horde will become more concentrated as you progress through the higher levels, and most of them will most likely compress with other zombies. When the first zombie eats the Chili Bean, all the other zombies will get stunned. This can also be done in Ancient Egypt - Day 18.

A way to do this is on Pirate Seas - Day 22, using the Zombie Popcorn strategy. Make sure you have everything for the strategy, including Chili Bean. Wait until the final flag, then when the last Imp Cannon explodes, firing Imp Pirate Zombies on the lawn, quickly find the row with the greatest amount of Imps. Dig up all the Spikeweed on that row except the one on the fifth column. Then, dig up the Wall-nut, and plant a Chili Bean in its place. When all the Imps are stunned, use Plant Food on the Spikeweed that is on the fifth column. This may take a few tries, but it works.


  • While the achievement's name is "Magical Fruit," beans are not fruits. Traditionally, they are vegetables and botanically, they are seeds.

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