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A plague has swept this era.
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Magic Vine (魔藤; pinyin: móténg) was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It was obtained in Ancient Egypt. It attacked by throwing energy balls at zombies.


Magic Vine was previously an unlockable plant received by the player after beating Level 7-1 Ancient Egypt. It threw energy balls at oncoming zombies, dealing extra damage to them if they were wearing some sort of armor.

In the October 30th update of 2014 of Plants vs. Zombies Online, it was removed from the main game and replaced by Pomegranate-pult, but still remained in the Player vs. Player mode as an unlockable plant.



技能: 投掷一个超大能量球,对僵尸造成巨大伤害
消耗阳光: 200
伤害: 较大
冷却时间: 短

    In English: Magic Vine

    Throws energy balls, dealing massive damage to zombies' helmets and armor.
    Skills: Throws an extra large ball of energy, dealing massive damage to any zombie.
    Sun cost: 200

    Damage: Normal
    Recharge: Fast

Plant Food effect

When given Plant Food, Magic Vine threw one huge energy ball at the first zombie in its lane, similarly to Citron but couldn't toss away zombies and instead dealt a large amount of damage to a zombie. It would've done more damage if the zombie had been an armored zombie.



  • Its Plant Food attack resembled Citron's projectiles, but in a lighter shade of blue.
  • Its concept originated from the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk.
    • Likewise, it resembled a beanstalk.
  • It was the first new plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online.

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