Lunar Landing is a map in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Not to be confused with Moon Base Z, this map takes place on the Moon and it was first revealed in the Z7-Mech trailer. Half of the map is a large Moon surface with low gravity and the other half is inside a lunar base with regular gravity.

Game modes in which it appears


A secret staging area where Dr. Zomboss plans to dominate every planet in the solar system. It even has space golf!

Golden Gnome locations

  1. The first one is hidden inside of the driver's cabin of the giant drill, behind the zombies' spawning area.
  2. The second one is hidden in a closed room inside of the Lunar Base, only accessible via shooting the hidden Mushroom Switch on the shelves next to the doors.


This map has a unique gimmick, in which the outside portions of the map have low gravity. Classes with high speed and maneuverability will benefit from this mechanic. Classes with low jumps can also benefit from this as well. The map is also filled with many obstacles and objects, which can be used for cover. Chomper is at a disadvantage for this map due to the gravity. Zombies can easily dodge Chomper's Burrow by jumping, and the lengthened jump makes this more effective. Additionally, there is a section of the map that is wide open and does not maintain the gravity mechanic. In this area, there is almost no room to hide due to the long corridors and open main area, so have full health when venturing into this area.



  • In the lunar base, Dr. Zomboss has a miniature diagram of the Moon Base Z map, showing how he planned his defenses and predicted the plants' strategy. It even has miniature character models on it.
  • In the lunar base just beside the miniature Moon Base Z diagram, there is a window where the player can see the giant magnet from Moon Base Z, indicating that Lunar Landing is right next to the Moon Base Z.
  • There seems to be a massive golf field outside the base.
  • If one looks closely in the sky, you can see Zomboss' face in the sky.
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