Lost Pilot Zombie is the fifth zombie encountered in Lost City in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He drops in on a parachute and hangs above the ground for a while. After a few seconds or after using Blover or Hurrikale, he will drop down and walk forward. He only appears in groups during the "Parachute Rain!" ambush.


Sound Description
Lost Pilot Zombie groans.
Lost Pilot Zombie falling from the sky.
Rope snapping.
Lost Pilot Zombie landing.

Almanac entry

Lost Pilot Zombie

TOUGHNESS: Protected
SPEED: Basic

Drops in past defenses

He faked his pilot's license and figured nobody would notice. But they did.


Lost Pilot Zombie absorbs 350 damage per shot and degrades upon absorbing 175 damage per shot before dying at 330 damage per shot.


Plants vs. Zombies 2

  • Battlez: Caulipower's Escalating Tournament


This zombie is Lost City's ambush zombie, and will only appear on the lawn during the ambush "Parachute Rain!" He has a little bit more health than a Basic Zombie, but only by 130 damage per shot. They are immune to Blover and Hurrikale's instant kill ability, despite appearing to be airborne (attempting to use one will simply cause the Lost Pilot Zombie to fall from his parachute instantly). They are annoying alone, but when they drop in large numbers, they can easily crowd your defenses, drawing fire away from more dangerous zombies. The best way to defeat them is to simply have a strong offense. Plants that can attack through multiple zombies, such as Bloomerang, Laser Bean, Fume-shroom, and A.K.E.E. are useful for quickly clearing the lawn of Lost Pilot Zombies, as well as defending against other Lost City zombies. This zombie can eat plants even when still in the air, so planting Wall-nuts or Endurians underneath them can stall them and give your other plants a chance to attack them. Don't continuously plant plants underneath him as they will get eaten, resulting in a waste of sun.

Using Chard Guard is a bad idea against him due to strange hitbox issues as Lost Pilot Zombie will keep eating him even on ground without Chard Guard pushing unless another type of zombie comes.

Lost City - Day 32/Modern Day - Day 34

Lost Pilot Zombies will always appear when Dr. Zomboss calls a plane to attack. They appear between 3, 4 or 5 column and can be a problem if you do not have a well-prepared defense. Lost Pilot Zombies are the closest zombies to activate a Boulder Trap Tile (they even can get above the trap tile) and eliminate your defenses with ease. The number of Lost Pilot Zombies who can appear for the plane is varied and depends on the life of Zombot Aerostatic Gondola at that time.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version)

When level 1, do the same strategies as listed above. However, if this is leveled up, he can cause extreme dents in your defense. Because of this, using leveled up plants is the only option.




  • He has tree branches stuck in his clothes, suggesting that he crashed through trees on his way down.
  • Blover will drop him down instead of blowing him away. On the other hand, Hurrikale will also drop him down but immediately blow him back afterwards.
    • However, during his dying animation when he is in air, Blover and Hurrikale can still blow him away.
  • Pilots stuck hanging above the ground can eat any plants below them except for Hypno-shroom, Chili Bean, Shadow-shroom and low plants.
  • If he meets with a plant which is planted after Lost Pilot Zombie spawns, he will stay in the air longer, eating that plant.
  • He comes from above, resembling Bungee Zombie's attack.
    • However, Bungee Zombie instantly steals plants, while Lost Pilot Zombies have to eat the plants.
  • In Lost City - Day 32, after he falls, a plane will appear flying above the lawn.
    • Since the 3.9.1 update, he falls after the plane flies above the lawn.
  • He, Basic Zombie, Dr. Zomboss, Shield Zombie, Knight Zombie, Wizard Zombie, Snorkel Zombie, Octo Zombie, Troglobite, Relic Hunter Zombie, Boombox Zombie, and Jurassic Zombie are the only zombies that have represented the game icon.
  • He uses Zombie's groan sound in Plants vs. Zombies.
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