For the Chinese version of the level, see Lost City - Day 4 (Chinese version).
For the Chinese version of this level before the v1.8 update, see Lost City - Day 4 (Chinese version: pre-1.8).

Lost City - Day 4 is the fourth level of Lost City in Plants vs. Zombies 2. This level introduces the Excavator Zombie. There are six Gold Tiles in this level; two are in the second and four are in the sixth column. When this level is finished for the first time, the player gets a Lost City pinata.


Penny: Caution, User Dave. I detect a zombie with a shovel.
Crazy Dave: Can he dig it?
Penny: It appears to block incoming shots. We need a way to get projectiles over the shovel.
Crazy Dave: I know! TELEKINESIS!
Penny: Try again, User Dave.


  • The pre-planted Wall-nut in the sixth column serves only to demonstrate Excavator Zombie's abilities, who will appear in the middle lane and is always the first zombie to appear.
  • The player can use an instant-kill or a high power plant to quickly finish off the Excavator Zombie.
  • If the player does not have a good offense against Excavator Zombies, they will constantly dig up the player's defense and can make the player lose the level (or use a lot of coins for Power-ups).
  • Lost Pilot Zombie returns here, although should not be a problem once the player had set up a strong defense. This can be tricky to do with Excavator Zombie, but that should not be an issue in this level.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Excavator Zombie2.png3 None
2 Adventurer Zombie2.png2 Adventurer Zombie2.png4 None
3 Adventurer Zombie2.png1 Adventurer Zombie2.png5 Lost Pilot Zombie2.png Lost Pilot Zombie2.png Carries 1x Plant Food.
Parachute Rain!
4 Adventurer Zombie2.png1 Adventurer Zombie2.png2 Conehead Adventurer Zombie2.png1 Excavator Zombie2.png4 None
5 Adventurer Zombie2.png1 Adventurer Zombie2.png2 Adventurer Zombie2.png2 Adventurer Zombie2.png5 Conehead Adventurer Zombie2.png5 Buckethead Adventurer Zombie2.png3 Flag Adventurer Zombie2.png None First flag.
Carries 1x Plant Food.
6 Adventurer Zombie2.png4 Adventurer Zombie2.png4 Conehead Adventurer Zombie2.png1 Conehead Adventurer Zombie2.png5 Excavator Zombie2.png2 None
7 Adventurer Zombie2.png1 Adventurer Zombie2.png3 Adventurer Zombie2.png3 Adventurer Zombie2.png5 Lost Pilot Zombie2.png Lost Pilot Zombie2.png Lost Pilot Zombie2.png Carries 1x Plant Food.
Parachute Rain!
8 Adventurer Zombie2.png4 Conehead Adventurer Zombie2.png3 Conehead Adventurer Zombie2.png4 Excavator Zombie2.png1 Excavator Zombie2.png5 None
9 Adventurer Zombie2.png3 Adventurer Zombie2.png3 Buckethead Adventurer Zombie2.png2 Buckethead Adventurer Zombie2.png4 None Carries 1x Plant Food.
10 Adventurer Zombie2.png1 Adventurer Zombie2.png2 Adventurer Zombie2.png3 Adventurer Zombie2.png4 Adventurer Zombie2.png5 Conehead Adventurer Zombie2.png1 Conehead Adventurer Zombie2.png3 Conehead Adventurer Zombie2.png5 Flag Adventurer Zombie2.png Lost Pilot Zombie2.png Lost Pilot Zombie2.png Lost Pilot Zombie2.png Lost Pilot Zombie2.png Lost Pilot Zombie2.png Lost Pilot Zombie2.png Final wave.
Parachute Rain!


Strategy 1

  • Do not change without permission!

 (Contains premium content)

Created by BF10
  • Required plants: Twin Sunflower2.png Cherry Bomb2.png Red Stinger2.png Winter Melon2.png Ghost Pepper2.png Hurrikale2.png Lava Guava2.png
  • First, dig up the Wall-nut for extra sun.
  • Start placing your Twin Sunflowers, and place a Ghost Pepper near the Excavator Zombie.
  • Build up your defense with more Twin Sunflowers and Red Stingers, using instants if needed.
  • By the time the second wave comes, you should have the following:
T R - - - - - - -
T R - - - - - - -
T R - - - - - - -
T R - - - - - - -
T R - - - - - - -
  • T = Twin Sunflower
  • R = Red Stinger
  • - = Blank or instant space
  • Plant Food on the Twin Sunflower and try to afford a Winter Melon. Afford more Winter Melons.
  • Keep using your instants, and you should win.

Strategy 2

Created by BLACK OUT
  • Required plants: Twin Sunflower2.png Potato Mine2.png Iceberg Lettuce2.png Melon-pult2.png Wall-nut2.png Chard Guard2.png

This setup utilizes a similar approach to Strategy 1, but has the following advantages:

  • No premium plants are required.
  • Only six seed slots and the first sun upgrade are neccesary
  • Easy setup for Shovel Off

Start by digging up the Wall-nut for the sun. Next, plant a Twin Sunflower on a Gold Tile. Use Potato Mines to kill the first few zombies. Meanwhile, keep planting Twin Sunflowers in the first two columns until enough sun can be obtained for a Melon-pult. Use Iceberg Lettuces, Wall-nuts, and Chard Guards to help stall other zombies. Once a column of Melon-pults are planted, plant a column of Chard Guards in the fourth column. These will prevent Excavator Zombies from digging up Melon-pults. Continue stalling to help the Melon-pults, while replacing Chard Guards as neccesary. This should be enough to defeat the final wave, especially with proper Plant Food usage.

Strategy 3

Created by Pinkgirl234
  • Required plants: Sunflower2.png Kernel-pult2.png Red Stinger2.png Iceberg Lettuce2.png Wall-nut2.png Cherry Bomb2.png
  • Start by planting two columns of Sunflowers.
  • Afterwards, plant three columns of Kernel-pults and a few Red Stingers.
  • Then plant Wall-nuts in the sixth column.
  • Then as the level progresses, use Iceberg Lettuces and Cherry Bombs wisely, most likely against incoming big groups of incoming zombies.
  • Be sure to also use Plant Food wisely and at the right time. It’s best recommended to give Plant Food to Kernel-pults or even Red Stingers.

NOTE: There are two images in the gallery section of the article that show this strategy. This strategy will guarantee the player to beat this level as the Iceberg Lettuce and the Kernel-pult have already been boosted since the start of this level.




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