Lost City - Day 30 is the 30th level of Lost City in Plants vs. Zombies 2. There are three columns of Dave's mold colonies that cannot be planted on and 13 Gold Tiles in this level; five are in the fourth column, while the other eight are spaced out in a rhomboid shape in the remaining columns. When this level is finished for the first time, the player gets a Lost City pinata.


  • This level has a lot of incoming dangers in store for the player if the player is not fully prepared for this world. Relic Hunter Zombies may swing past most of the player's defenses and render them almost useless, so Blover is an important plant.
  • Once the Turquoise Skull Zombies go over a certain row, it can be impossibly hard to overcome.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Parasol Zombie2.png Parasol Zombie2.png None
2 Imp Porter2.png None
3 Adventurer Zombie2.png Excavator Zombie2.png Excavator Zombie2.png None Carries 1x Plant Food.
4 Bug Zombie2.png Bug Zombie2.png None
5 Flag Adventurer Zombie2.png Imp Porter2.png3 Relic Hunter Zombie2.png1 Relic Hunter Zombie2.png5 None First flag.
6 Adventurer Zombie2.png Turquoise Skull Zombie2.png2 Turquoise Skull Zombie2.png3 Turquoise Skull Zombie2.png4 None Carries 1x Plant Food.
7 Imp Porter2.png Relic Hunter Zombie2.png Relic Hunter Zombie2.png None
8 Adventurer Zombie2.png Excavator Zombie2.png4 Parasol Zombie2.png4 Bug Zombie2.png None
9 Excavator Zombie2.png Excavator Zombie2.png Relic Hunter Zombie2.png Turquoise Skull Zombie2.png Turquoise Skull Zombie2.png None Carries 1x Plant Food.
10 Flag Adventurer Zombie2.png Excavator Zombie2.png3 Parasol Zombie2.png5 Bug Zombie2.png1 Bug Conehead Zombie2.png1 Relic Hunter Zombie2.png Relic Hunter Zombie2.png Turquoise Skull Zombie2.png3 Turquoise Skull Zombie2.png5 None Final wave.


Strategy 1

It is recommended that you bring these plants:

Plant Sun-shrooms in front of the Dave's mold colonies. When you finish planting all five, you should have enough sun to plant a Fume-shroom to defend against the first few zombies. The Red Stinger is not recommended due to its defensive mode and not being able to penetrate the shovel of the Excavator Zombie. When Relic Hunters come, use Blover immediately before they land. When there is a lot of zombies, plant a Cherry Bomb on the second row and a Stallia on the fourth row to slow down the massive amounts of zombies. The Split Pea is only for last resort purposes if you fail to blow the Relic Hunter Zombies away or to kill Turquoise Skull Zombies from behind.

Strategy 2

Created by RaidingParty

This strategy can beat the level without Plant Food, premium content, gemium plants, or losing any lawn mowers.

Throughout this level obviously kill Relic Hunter Zombies on sight with Blover. Delay on killing Bug Zombies until the last moment with Blovers, to manage the pace of the zombies.

Fill up the column of Gold Tiles in front of the mold colonies with Sunflowers. When the first two Parasol Zombies arrive, halt them with Iceberg Lettuce and Stunion. Place Magnifying Grass on the tiles ahead of them in the column two columns over from the Sunflowers. Wait till the last second to shoot them. Meanwhile, fill up the rest of the column with more Magnifying Grass, and the column ahead of the Magnifying Grass with another set of Sunflowers.

After the Parasol Zombies are dead, an Imp Porter will appear. Prevent it from getting on a Gold Tile with both Iceberg Lettuce and Stunion, using one and then the other. Meanwhile, use the downtime to fill up the center lanes of the empty column between the back Sunflowers and the Magnifying Grass with Winter Melons (if the Imp Porter is in one of those lanes, fill it last). When the Excavator Zombies eventually appear, shoot the Imp Porter, kill most of the Excavator Zombies with a Cherry Bomb and use Stunion/Iceberg Lettuce to halt any still alive until a Winter Melon kills them.

By now, the ninth column will be swarming with zombies but they will not be able to advance much due to the Winter Melons. The Turquoise Skull Zombies will mostly fire very slowly from off-screen at the frontline Sunflowers to little effect. If you wish to, shoot through the crowds with Magnifying Grass to dispose of Turquoise Skull Zombies before they can shoot. Be sure to shoot Parasol Zombies on sight to keep them from deflecting the melons. Use Cherry Bombs to clear out crowds of Excavator Zombies and halt them with Stunion and Iceberg Lettuce if they get too close.

If you use Plant Food with this strategy, the Winter Melon's Plant Food effect will wipe out the zombie crowds and Excavator Zombies fairly easily.

Strategy 3  (May contain premium content)

Created by Transforming Eevee
  • Required plants:
    • Endurian2.png
    • Spikerock2.png
    • Sunflower2.png
    • Something to stop Bug Zombie2.png
    • Cherry Bomb2.png or Grapeshot2.png

Plant a Sunflower on the northmost Gold Tile that is not by the mold colonies. Then place Endurians at the whole back column. Keep the instant for Excavator Zombie. Place Spikerocks on the whole field once you have finished with Endurian and let us rock. When Bug Zombies appear, deploy your chosen plant. At the Final Wave, relax. Lawn mowers will handle the zombies.

Strategy 4

Created by VeXJL
  1. Place Gold Bloom down, preferably on a Gold Tile.
  2. Place Magnifying Grass down on the fourth column. Shoot zombies when you can.
  3. Use Blover when you see Bug Zombie or Relic Hunter Zombie.
  4. Use Guacodile to get rid of Excavator 

Strategy 5 - KABLOOM till you DOOM!  (May contain gem premium content) (Contains Power Mint content)

Created by SerenityStars364
  • Required plants:
    • Sun-shroom2.png
    • A.K.E.E.2.png (Level 3 or above)
    • Lava Guava2.png (or Blover2.png if you don't have him)
    • Cherry Bomb2.png
    • Potato Mine2.png
    • Primal Potato Mine2.png
    • Bombard-mint2.png
  • Procedure:
  1. Place Sun-shrooms down on the fourth column.
  2. Use Lava Guavas or A.K.E.E.s when you see Excavator Zombies or you use Blover to blow away the Relic Hunter Zombie or the Bug Zombie.
  3. Use Bombard-mint to destroy a huge group of zombies.




  • In the level selection screen, this level is marked with a striped icon, even though it is not a Brain Buster. This is most likely a mistake.

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