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Lost City - Day 13 is the 13th level of Lost City. It is a Special Delivery level, and thus there are no Gold Tiles.


  • The player will have to carefully plan out which plants to plant where. Some plant pairs should always be in one lane. These tips should come to mind.
    • Melon-pult and A.K.E.E. cannot kill Parasol Zombie. A Repeater or a Red Stinger, preferably in its semi-defensive form, should be planted in every lane.
    • Similarly, Repeater and Red Stinger cannot handle Excavator Zombie. The player should plant a Melon-pult or an A.K.E.E. in every lane.
    • Spikerock can be dug up by Excavator Zombie, but it will be very important in the later part of the level.
  • Bug Zombies can fly over plants, and they are completely invulnerable to Spikerocks. Regular ones can be killed easily but the player should watch out for the stronger variants. It is important to note that Bug Zombies carrying Conehead and Buckethead variants pose a much bigger threat than even Excavator and Parasol Zombies in lanes without their counters.



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