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Lightning Reed is a Rare Spawnable Plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, which can be spawned in multiplayer and the Backyard Battleground. It fires a stream of lightning that damages a single target and also shocks them, spreading the damage to other targets, which is similar to Electro Brainz's Electro Beam. It can also use a close-ranged electric discharge attack to damage zombies near it. Its ranged attack is named Lightning Beam. It also has an attack where it releases lightning all around it, similar to the Toxic Gloom-shroom, but then has to "recharge" for longer, called the Lighting Blast. Its zombie counterpart is Mr. Electro.

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  • It is greatly based off of the Lightning Reed, however this Lightning Reed's design is different.
  • It is the only Potted Plant in the original Garden Warfare or Garden Warfare 2 to have more than one attack.
  • It's unknown if the Lighting Blast, the Lightning Reed's close range attack, is a grammatical mistake or not.
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