Me and my buddy Harvey Flaxcaster used to break vases when we were bored. Well Harvey's outta town, so you're coming with me, Harvey #2! BREAK IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT, HARVEY!

Crazy Dave

Level 4-5 is the thirty-fifth level in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition, and it is the eleventh (fourteenth in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West) Night level. It is a Vasebreaker level. When this level is finished for the first time, the player obtains the Split Pea.

Speech Transcript

Crazy Dave enters.

Crazy Dave:

"Me and my buddy Harvey Flaxcaster used to break vases when we were bored. Well Harvey's outta town, so you're coming with me, Harvey #2! BREAK IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT, HARVEY!"

After first Vasebreaker level:

"Man, you broke those vases so nice and good! Broke'em like the time l broke my back digging through those trash cans! Here, l brought you some more vases (Crazy Dave puts some more vases on the player's lawn). Gotta be carefuI about breaking them too fast, though. You don't wanna end up with more zombies than you can handIe, huh huh."

After 2nd Vasebreaker level:

"AII right! This should be the Iast of 'em (Crazy Dave puts the last vases on the player's lawn). Break these, and you'II be aII done!"


  • There are three stages in this level, each slightly increasing with difficulty a bit.
  • These levels are only passed with chance, as the player does not know what lies behind most vases.
  • Players should use Squash and Hypno-shrooms to defeat tough Buckethead Zombies and Dancing Zombie respectively.


Stage 1

  • Given plants
  • Begin with breaking as many vases as you want, as this level is pretty easy. Do not worry too much with getting a difficult zombie yet. You will get more plants than zombies in this round.
  • Use the Peashooters you get and plant at least one on each row to fight off the zombies.
  • Use the Squash preferably to kill zombies that get too close to the left side of the lawn or to get rid of Buckethead Zombies that appear early on.

Stage 2

  • Given plants
  • Break the green vases first. It is always guaranteed that they hold a plant. Then, break vases in that row since you already have defense.
  • Try to aim for one Snow Pea in each column and one Peashooter in each column.
  • One Football Zombie comes out in this round. Make sure you use a Squash to instant-kill it.
  • One Buckethead Zombie comes out here, but your Peashooter and Snow Pea should be able to easily kill it.

Stage 3

  • Given plants
  • Break the green vases first, like in every Vasebreaker level for three rows of defense. Then, break the others for plants.
  • Use Hypno-shrooms for the Buckethead Zombies or the Dancing Zombie, since the zombies here are the most powerful for this level and can help you greatly.
  • Plant at least one Snow Pea in each row to slow down zombies.
  • There is no Squash in this stage, so use your Hypno-shrooms wisely.

Related achievements

Home Lawn Security2
Second Life
Second Life
Complete Adventure Mode a second time.



  • Unlike its Puzzle Mode counterpart, this level has Lawn Mowers.
  • This level, Level 1-1 (on first playthrough), Level 2-5, and Level 5-10 are the only Adventure Mode levels without the Flag Zombie.
  • Even though it is in the Fog stage, this level takes place in the Night area like its Puzzle Mode counterpart.
  • If the first two parts of the level are beaten without losing any Lawn Mowers, then the last part can be beaten by breaking open all the vases at once; the Lawn Mowers will take care of all zombies.
  • This is the first level to have normal and Buckethead Zombies, but no Conehead Zombies.
  • This is the only Puzzle Mode level played in Adventure Mode.


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