Level 3-9 is the twenty-ninth level in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition, and it is the ninth Pool level. It is a regular level. When this level is finished for the first time, the player obtains a note from the zombies.


  • The player has to deal with the new Bobsled Zombie. They are difficult to get rid of since they travel on an almost damage-resistant sled on Zomboni's ice. Although they only take 200 damage each for them to die, there are four of them, which means it takes 800 damage for all of them to die.


Strategy 1

  • Required plants:
  • Plant two columns of Sunflowers with Potato Mines to finish off the first few zombies. Once you have enough sun, plant one column of extra Repeaters in the pool on every lane.
  • Plant Tall-nuts in the pool and Spikeweeds in front of all of the Snow Peas or Repeaters to kill the zombies and increase the damage caused to zombies.
  • Use a Jalapeno to kill zombies in the pool lane but plant a Lily Pad first.

Strategy 2

  • Required plants:
  • Plant two columns of Sunflowers on the left. Use Squash to kill the first two or three zombies. Once that's over, you should have enough sun to start planting Threepeaters. Plant Threepeaters on the third column, on the tiles that are close to the pool first. Then, plant them everywhere else in the column.
  • Plant another column of Threepeaters.
  • Now, plant a column of Torchwood, and then start planting Tall-nuts in front of the Torchwoods. Also, if you have enough time, plant Spikeweeds in front of the Tall-nuts, and use them to get rid of Zomboni.



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