Level 3-6 is the twenty-sixth level in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition, and it is the sixth Pool level. It is a regular level. When this level is finished for the first time, the player obtains the Spikeweed.


  • The player has to deal with Zombonis which can be tough if they do not choose the right plants. Fortunately, there is the Jalapeno that the player unlocked in the previous level.
  • This level has two flags, which means that two Zombonis will come.


Strategy 1

  • Required plants:
  • Note how a lot of instant kills are designed to be under "required plants." This is because they can easily be used against the Zomboni.
  • Plant Sunflowers and Potato Mines in the beginning of the level to kill the first few zombies and obtain more expensive plants. Start planting Repeaters preferably when the first Conehead Zombie arrives.
  • When a Zomboni comes, use a Jalapeno to kill it and its ice trail. If you don't have enough sun, plant a Squash to kill the Zomboni. However, it will not take away the ice trail.
    • If you wait for 30 seconds, the ice trail will go away.

​Strategy 2

  • Required plants:
  • Make sure that you plant two columns of Sunflower because Chompers cost much. Once two columns of Chomper are planted, you can easily beat groups of zombies, including Zombonis. Remember to keep planting Chompers.
  • Before planting a column of Chompers, you can use Potato Mines to defeat the first zombies until you have enough sun to plant five Chompers.
  • This will also earn you Don't Pea in the Pool.

Related achievements

Don't Pea in the Pool.png
Don't Pea in the Pool
Complete a Daytime Pool level without using Peashooters of any kind.
Pool's closed.png
Pool's Closed
Complete a pool level without using aquatic plants.
Don't Drink the Water.png
Don't Drink the Water
Beat a pool level without using any aquatic plants.
Home Lawn Security2.png
Second Life.png
Second Life
Complete Adventure Mode a second time.



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