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For the mini-game version of this level, see Heat Wave.
It's hotter than a baked armadillo today! Your plants are having a hard time. What with the heat! These ones here are the only ones with any energy left! And even they run out of steam sometimes! Then. You'd better yell out "Hey!" to build up the fighting spirit in those prostrate plants.

Crazy Dave

Level 3-5 is the 25th Plants vs. Zombies level and the fifth Pool level. To complete this level, the player must not let the zombies into their house. When this level is finished for the first time, the player unlocks Jalapeno.


  • The player cannot plant more plants, but they can move around the plants that start on the lawn. Whenever the Peashooters get tired, the player must shout (or make any sort of noise) into the microphone to revive and super-charge them.


  • Try to put most of your Peashooters wherever the biggest threat is, but be sure to leave some to take care of weaker zombies.
    • Sometimes it is best to quickly defeat weaker zombies first, then move Peashooters to the largest threat without worry of the other zombies getting past.
  • Whenever Pole Vaulting Zombies appear, move a Wall-nut directly in front of it to force it to jump, so it can slow down at a normal pace. The player can then move the Wall-nut back in front of it to stall it, or move it out of the way to save for more difficult zombies.
  • Use Lily Pads wisely. Since there are only four, the player cannot place all six other plants in the water at once, so be sure to balance offense and defense in the limited area.
    • If zombies are in both pool lanes at once, it is best to defeat them one at a time so enough plants can be used for each.
    • Wall-nuts are important for stopping Snorkel Zombies, as they can only be attacked while they are eating.


  • It is the only level in the whole game to be changed in the DS version.



Plants vs zombies DS level 3-5

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