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Level 3-11 was a bonus level, and the eleventh Pool level in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West. The player had to pay 20 gems or fully grow a Lily Pad, a Chomper and a Tangle Kelp in their Zen Garden to gain access to this level. To complete the level, the player had to not spend any sun in 45 seconds.


  • The player had to deal with both Zomboni and Buckethead Zombie, which may have been tough if they did not choose the right plants.


  • Required plants:
  • Plant two rows of Sunflowers and Potato Mines for sun. Plant Potato Mines to fend off the first two to three zombies. Then, start to plant Repeaters or Snow Peas on land and Wall-nuts evenly on each pool lane two columns in front of two columns of Snow Peas or Repeaters. Then, place Spikeweeds on every other spot on land.
  • Depending on your preference of plants, you may find the Repeater redundant when you get the Spikeweed. If so, plant a column of Snow Peas (two on land) and on the rest plant Spikeweeds to maximize damage.



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