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Level 2-13 is a bonus level, and the thirteenth and the final Night level in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West. The player had to pay 20 gems or fully grow a Scaredy-shroom, a Grave Buster and a Hypno-shroom in their Zen Garden to gain access to this level. To complete the level, the player had to not lose more than 4 plants.


  • The objective could have caused problems for the player, but it would not be a big problem if the player set a defense that could do enough damage to the zombies.
  • There were both Dancing Zombies and Screen Door Zombies in play. Both serve as big threats in this level.
  • There were eleven graves. If they were not taken out, they could spawn eleven extra zombies on the final wave.


  • Required plants:
  • Plant Sun-shrooms and Puff-shrooms for early defense. When you have enough sun, start planting Fume-shrooms to replace Puff-shrooms, as they shoot further and damage many zombies at once. Then, plant Grave Busters on graves to get rid of them.
  • Let the Dancing Zombie eat a Hypno-shroom to summon four more Backup Dancers to fight for you.
  • A Doom-shroom can explode in a large area. Use it in the middle row during the final wave to maximize its efficiency.



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