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Level 2-12 was a bonus level, and the twelfth Night level in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West. The player had to pay 20 gems or fully grow a Scaredy-shroom, a Sun-shroom and a Grave Buster in their Zen Garden to gain access to this level. To complete the level, the player had to not plant on the two leftmost columns.


  • The objective could have caused problems for the player, but it wouldn't have been a big problem if the player chose Monkey King Peashooter as their Hero Plant.
  • However, the level is the same as Level 2-8 in terms of zombies.


  • Required plants:
  • Again, start out by planting Sun-shrooms and Puff-shrooms for basic defense and sun gathering at the beginning of the level. Plant at least three columns of Puff-shrooms and two columns of Sun-shrooms if possible.
  • If you are overwhelmed early on, use the Ice-shroom. It will stall the zombies for long enough to be defeated.
  • When your defenses become more fully developed, plant a few Repeaters for a stronger defense.
  • Whenever a Dancing Zombie comes, plant a Hypno-shroom for the Dancing Zombie to eat. The Dancing Zombie will then summon four Backup Dancers to fight on your side. You can also kill it more easily by moving Monkey King Peashooter there.
  • It is possible to beat this level using nothing but Puff-shrooms. This can be played for extra fun, challenge, or even both.



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