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Lawn No-er was an achievement unlockable in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. In order to unlock it, the player would have to complete a level without losing any lawnmowers.


The best level to play is The Boonies Level 4. Plant at least three Sunflowers before planting four Aspearaguses. However, you must keep an eye on the amount of each plant, otherwise, you must purchase one plant for gems. Remember that Peashooters are unnecessary. When using an Aspearagus, protect it well. If it faints, you must wait for it to recover until you have 25 sun. Then, keep in mind that Conehead Zombies take more damage from an Aspearagus's spears, so they will not reach the lawnmowers.


  • Saved by the Blade was the opposite of this achievement. Thus, it was impossible to unlock this achievement and Saved by the Blade in the same level.

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