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Lawn Mower Man is an achievement that can be obtained on the iOS and Android versions of Plants vs. Zombies. It requires the player to kill ten zombies with a single Lawn Mower. It can easily be achieved with Last Mown Standing.

Lawn Mower Man if not yet achieved


Its name may be a reference to Stephen King's short story The Lawnmower Man.


This achievement can be earned in Wall-nut Bowling or Wall-nut Bowling 2. It can easily be earned in Column Like You See 'Em by planting a Tall-nut in the first column and letting a bulk of zombies accumulate, mowing them down in a one fell swoop, once they finally break through. This will kill a lot more than just ten, easily earning you the achievement. One of the easier ways is to play Level 1-6 when both the Wall-nut and the shovel is obtained. Plant Wall-nuts as fast as possible and when reaching the "Final Wave," dig up all plants except for Wall-nuts and wait for the zombies to pile up to at least ten zombies, then dig up that Wall-nut and let the zombies clump to go to the Lawn Mower and kill them. This is an easier strategy than the mini-game ones.

Alternate strategy

You can also go to Quick Play mode and choose Level 1-1 (the level which only has the regular Zombies). Choose any plant that you like to use, but make sure you choose Sunflower, Peashooter, Tall-nut, and Imitater Tall-nut. Be sure to use the Garden Rake as it will be invaluable to you. Once the level begins, start planting Sunflowers in row one, two, three, and five. When the first zombie appears, just ignore it, as the Garden Rake will take care of it.

Once you get enough sun, plant a Peashooter in the lane where a zombie is approaching. Remember that Level 1-1 has only regular Zombies. In the empty lane, plant a Tall-nut on the first space (the point where the lawn ends on the right side of the house). Keep planting Peashooters in front of the Sunflowers. When a Zombie appears in the lane with the Tall-nut, plant an Imitater Tall-nut behind the first Tall-nut. Keep doing this, one Tall-nut after the other. Be careful, though. When the zombies start to clump together in the Tall-nut lane, an Imitater (before it turns into the plant) will be eaten with one chew from the clump. Keep planting Tall-nuts. When you think there is ten zombies, let the zombies swallow the Tall-nut(s) and watch them walk toward their death. However, you can also use Pumpkin to protect and add extra toughness for the Tall-nuts, and/or Ice-shrooms with Coffee Beans to freeze and chill zombies. It is better to do this with Wall-nut First Aid unlocked. When they reach the Lawn Mower, they will be crushed and you will get the achievement. Do not direct all of your attention toward that, though. Do not forget about the other lanes. Remember that this is not a get-this-achievement-by-end-of-level thing and is hard. If you mess up, keep trying.

Another strategy

Complete Level 1-1 or 1-2 using the following:

Go through the level as you usually would. Sometime during the level, plant Garlic in every row except one (you may need to plant several columns to force every last zombie into one lane). Then, on the final wave, use the shovel to get rid of every plant in the row that does not have Garlic, then let the Lawn Mower defeat the entire horde. If some were left out, use a Cherry Bomb or Doom-shroom with Coffee Bean to get rid of them.

In other languages

Language Name Description
United States of America English Lawn Mower Man
China Simplified Chinese 一骑当千 Reference to the Japanese manga with the same name. Such Chinese four-character idiom cannot be found in Book of the Later Han, Annals of Emperor Guangwu [1].
Traditional Chinese 一騎當千 Same as simplified Chinese
France French Horticulteur
Germany German Rasenmähermann
Italy Italian Il tagliaerbe
Spain Spanish El cortador de césped


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