Laura Shigihara is the musical composer of Plants vs. Zombies. She is an actress who voiced the Sunflower who provided a speaking and singing role in "Zombies on Your Lawn" and "Uraniwa ni Zombies ga!" (the Japanese version of Zombies on Your Lawn).

She has a YouTube account called "supershigi." She uploads content about all kinds of video games and music.

Laura plays the American and Japanese version of Plants vs. Zombies. Her mother is French-American, and her father is Japanese. Her favorite plant is Cattail. This is why a Cattail shows up beside her name in the credits.

She is also an independent game developer and developed games like Melolune, a music-based role playing game. She has also participated in Akira Yamaoka's charity iTunes album Play for Japan where she contributed an original song called Jump, which also appeared in her game, Rakuen. She also provided the voice of the singing pet Sunflower in World of Warcraft[1]

In Plants vs. Zombies 2, Laura composed the music for Ancient Egypt. However, after that, she quit PopCap after George Fan was laid off and forced out. A trailer for Pirate Seas , however, actually uses different music, which was composed by Laura seen here

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