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Last Star (pyin: 未来星 translation: Last Star) was a plant in both Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition and Plants vs. Zombies Social Edition. It was a promotional plant and served as the replacement to Starfruit.

It looked and attacked identically to Starfruit, shooting stars in five different directions, with the only differences being the color of the plant itself and its projectiles


It was based on the Starfruit from the original game with its name coming from the Chinese milk company of the same name. Its blue coloring comes from the company Last Star's logo, which is the company's name in white text with an outline of a blue star at the end.

Almanac entry

Last Star Almanac entry



发射速度: 四倍


花费: 125


In English:

Last Star

Last Stars can launch milk stars in five directions at once.
Damage: Normal (for each milk star)
Launch Rate: Four times.

Last Star Child Growth Milk can shoot milk stars in all directions to protect your lawn."

Cost:125 Recharge: fast


see Starfruit.



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