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a plague has swept this era.
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This will be the first last stand. There will be more lasts to come.

Crazy Dave

Last Stand I was the first Last Stand level of Ancient Egypt in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. The player had been given with 3250 sun and 2 Plant Food. They would have to use them to plan their defense and defeat the zombies. When this level was finished for the first time, the player got a star.


(Crazy Dave appears)
Crazy Dave: This will be the first last stand. There will be more lasts to come.
(Crazy Dave leaves)



To win the level, plant the offensive plants first, plant the strongest ones at the columns are closest to the house and the weakest ones at the farthest. Plant Potato Mines behind the defensive plants just in case for the Sandstorm Mummy Zombies and for the zombies which have eaten the defense plants. Finally, plant the defense plants at the farthest columns, but not too far. Save sun and plants to use them in the battle. Use Plant Food if needed.

Defense plan

First, plant the attack plants at the first column. Plant the strongest one, Bloomerangs in the first row, Cabbage-pults at the second row and Peashooters at the third row. Plant Potato Mines at the fourth row. Plant Wall-nuts at the fifth row and Bamboo Brothers at the sixth row. If you have been blocked by tombstones, just keep your plants, you'll plant it later (or you can plant it now in an another row). Remember to keep your sun for planting during the battle.

During the battle

There will be a lot of Sandstorms in this level, so Potato Mines may be helpful because they will kill the Sandstorm Mummy Zombies if any of them get passed the Wall-nuts. If a Potato Mine has exploded, replace it with another Potato Mine. (or an attack plant if you're coming close to the Final Wave) If the tombstones which have blocked you from planting have been destroyed, plant the plant which was supposed to stand there. If a Bambrook or a Wall-nut has been eaten, replace by an another Bamboo Brother or Wall-nut. Use the attack plants' Plant Food upgrade to defeat the strong zombies if needed.


* A gate can be unlocked with a key after completing this level
^ Conjectural name
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