For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Landscaper (PvZH).

Landscaper is a Rare variant of the Engineer in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He was added in the Zomboss Down DLC, which was a DLC released for the first game.


Stickerbook description

Keeping things tidy, keeping things neat, he rakes up the garbage and nibbles your feet!

In-game description

His fast-firing Weed Buster makes short work of any pesky Plant.

AI Health

Easy: 75

Normal: 100

Hard: 125


Primary weapon

The primary weapon of the Landscaper is the Weed Buster. The facts below apply to a fully upgraded weapon.

  • The damage per hit at all ranges base and critical is 34.
  • The max DPS at all ranges is 76.3.
  • The splash damage at all ranges is 10.
  • The ammo in a clip is 12.
  • The reload time is 2.1 seconds.
  • The projectile speed is slow.
  • The weapon is full auto.
  • The bloom is low.


Sonic Grenade

The Sonic Grenade is a grenade that, when thrown, will stun plants in a small radius for a short time and forces Burrowing Chompers out from the ground.

Proximity Sonic Mine

An alternate ability of the Sonic Grenade, the Proximity Sonic Mine is a landmine which can stun plants for about five seconds when they come close to it. It makes Chompers come out of their Burrow ability if they are using it. This can be very useful for defending a teleporter or trying to escape from plants.


The Jackhammer allows for quicker movement but at the cost at not being able to use your other abilities, though you can still fire your primary weapon, and if you bump into a plant, the plant will suffer knockback and light damage.

Turbo Jackhammer

An alternate ability of the Jackhammer, the Turbo Jackhammer functions the same as the Jackhammer except that it travels faster, but lasts for a shorter amount of time.

Zombot Drone - GW1 Only

The Zombot Drone is a drone equipped with the Zombot Laser and the deadly Cone Strike. It has five health.

Rocket Drone - GW1 Only

The Rocket Drone is an alternate version of Zombot Drone having more health (20). It is equipped with the Mean Beam and Lone Cone.

Big Bolt Blaster - GW2 Only

The Big Bolt Blaster is a mounted turret similar to the Pea Gatling. It has 100 ammo and a very high rate of fire.

Bedazzled Bolt Blaster - GW2 Only

The Bedazzled Bolt Blaster is a reskin of the Big Bolt Blaster and therefore has no difference other than appearance and having different crosshairs.

Weapon upgrades


Description about the Landscaper's weapon upgrades in GW

Better Work Ethic

Reload times are faster than usual after deciding to take his job more seriously and giving it 110% every day.

Extra Canisters

Before work, he grabbed some extra canisters, increasing his ammo. Good to go!

Improved Formula

Zomboss Chemical Labs has a new and improved formula, with extra damaging green stuff.

Balancing changes

February 2018 Patch

  • Increased projectile speed from 90 - 100



  • He has the third-highest rate of fire out of all Engineers, with the Roadie Z having the highest. However he has the fastest rate of fire of all Engineers that have splash damage.
  • His description has rhymes in it.
  • Whenever he reloads, his weapon makes a sound that resembles a chainsaw or a lawnmower being revved up.
  • He, Mechanic and AC Perry are the only Engineers to wield automatic guns.
  • He is the only Engineer variant to retain his facial hair in Garden Warfare 2.
  • In the stickerbook in GW1 he has the generic engineer handlebar moustache instead of his unique moustache, as it can still be equipped.


Landscaper (In-Game) 17 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Landscaper (In-Game) 17 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare