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La Brainsa Tarpits is the Endless Zone of Jurassic Marsh. In it, the player starts with Primal Sunflower, Primal Peashooter, Primal Wall-nut (replacing their original versions), and Perfume-shroom. It is unlocked after beating Day 20 of Jurassic Marsh. Like all Endless Zones, the first two levels will start as a single flag, then the entire zone itself will sport more challenging levels compared to an ordinary level as the player may not know the number of flags and the number of dinosaurs that would appear in a level. Furthermore, the entirety of the world only lists eight zombies to deal with as the world associates more with dinosaurs.



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  • La Brainsa Tarpits is a possible reference to La Brea Tar Pits, a museum in real life that collects fossils.
    • In the app store description, the word 'Tarpits' is even split apart into two words, making it 'Tar Pits'.
  • Since there are eight zombies listed, La Brainsa Tarpits selects four zombies to fight for. Therefore, there are 70 possible ways this Endless Zone can select.
  • Oddly, its button is blue, unlike the other Endless Zones' buttons, which are purple.
  • La Brainsa Tarpits is the only Endless Zone where one can get an Endless Zone Card for Wall-nut.
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