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This article is about content that is no longer available. As such, it is archived.
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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
For the level after the v1.8 update, see Kongfu World - Day 1.
"Ah, this is Kongfu World, I want to see qigong performances!"

Crazy Dave

Kongfu World - Day 1 was the first level of Kongfu World in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. This level introduced the Hammer Zombie, along with the Torch Kongfu Zombie, a variant of the Explorer Zombie. After completing this level, the player received a money bag.


(Crazy Dave appears)
Crazy Dave: Ah, this is the Kongfu World. I want to see the qigong performances!
(Penny appears)
Penny: According to my math, the dangerous level of the zombies that know how to do Kongfu doubles.
Penny: Also be careful of those weapon stands, looks like the zombies particularly like taking stuff on the stands!
(Crazy Dave and Penny leave)


  • Hammer Zombie is certainly undesirable. Plants like Peashooter are not ideal for dealing with Hammer Zombie, due to its ability to deflect straight-shot projectiles. Ideally, lobbed-shot plants, such as Cabbage-pult should be used.
  • Torch Kongfu Zombie, as mentioned before, is practically the Kongfu World variant of Explorer Zombie, so this zombie is not a particularly big threat as the player should have dealt with Explorer Zombies before. Iceberg Lettuce is the counter for it, along with Snow Pea and other ice plants.
  • The Weapon Stands could also be a threat. It's best to destroy them before any basic zombies reach it.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Kongfu Zombie2.png3 None
2 Kongfu Zombie2.png4 None 1x Flag Stand2.png spawns at C8R2.
3 Kongfu Zombie2.png1 None Carries 1x Plant Food.
4 Hammer Zombie2.png3 None Carries 1x Plant Food.
5 Kongfu Zombie2.png2 None
6 Kongfu Zombie2.png2 Kongfu Zombie2.png None
7 Kongfu Zombie2.png3 None 1x Torch Stand2.png spawns at C8R3.
Carries 1x Plant Food.
8 Kongfu Zombie2.png None
9 Kongfu Zombie2.png4 Kongfu Zombie2.png Hammer Zombie2.png None
10 Kongfu Zombie2.png Kongfu Zombie2.png Kongfu Zombie2.png Kongfu Zombie2.png Kongfu Zombie2.png Kongfu Zombie2.png Flag Kongfu Zombie2.png Torch Kongfu Zombie2.png None Final wave.
Carries 1x Plant Food.



* A gate can be unlocked with a key after completing this level
^ Conjectural name