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The Knight helm is the headwear used by the Knight Zombie that appears in Dark Ages in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It works similarly to the bucket that Buckethead Zombies use, but it is tougher, like the ice block of Blockhead ZombieZombie Kings can bestow these to Peasant Zombies, and their Conehead and Buckethead variants. A Magnet-shroom can render it useless since the knight helm is a metallic object.

Cavalry Zombie's Knight Zombie also wears the knight helm.


The knight helm absorbs 1600 normal damage shots. Its appearance changes upon absorbing 534 and 1067 normal damage shots.


See Knight Zombie, Zombie King, or Magnet-shroom.



  • The brick on Brickhead Zombie, the ice block on Blockhead Zombie, and the skull on Jurassic Fossilhead is similar to this, except they cannot be attracted by a Magnet-shroom and have no weakness overall.
  • The shoulder pads disappear when the helmet falls off the zombie.
  • The helm only glows when it was granted by the Zombie King, though the pads do not glow.
  • If a Magnet-shroom takes it away from a Peasant Zombie, it will only take the helmet and not the shoulder pads.
  • The visor of the helm seems to be too small to be able to fully enclose the helm's opening.

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