Not to be confused with Kernel-pult from Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Zombies 2.
For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Kernel Corn (PvZH).

Kernel Corn is a new playable plant class introduced in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He returned to Suburbia from fighting overseas during the events of Garden Warfare, only to find that the zombies have conquered Suburbia. Then he decided to bring the fight to them.

In Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, he is an PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon Attack class. Also, his Butter Barrage ability has been replaced with Butter Beacon, a recon ability rather than an airstrike, while his Shuck Shot rockets now have a longer delay between them when firing.


Website description

Fighting overseas during the events of the first Garden Warfare, the Kernel is ready to take the fight to the Zombies. What he lacks in a sense of humor, he makes up for with attitude, and dual Cob Busters.

Stickerbook description

Kernel Corn was stationed overseas for the events of the first Garden Warfare. Hearing about the conflict at home, he returned to a Suburbia transformed. Now he's ready to lead the Plants to victory, and tacos, but mostly victory.

In-game description

The Kernel's dual Cob Busters, explosive Shuck Shot and Butter Barrage airstrike mean he's always on the front lines.

In-game description (PvZ: BfN)

Great attacker who is dangerous at all distances. Highly lethal with Shuck Shot, or can reveal enemy positions with Butter Beacon.

AI Health

Easy: 90

Normal: 120

Hard: 150



BBQ CornGW2 Mob CobGW2 Pops CornGW2 Party CornGW2 Commando CornGW2
BBQ Corn Mob Cob Pops Corn Party Corn Commando Corn

Primary weapon

Kernel Corn's primary weapon are the Cob Busters, a fully automatic weapon that deals 5-7 base damage and 7-9 critical damage depending on range.


Left abilities
Butter BarrageGW2
Butter Barrage
Mark the danger zone with a steaming hot baked potato, then stand back as explosive butter rains from the sky!
Bigger Better ButterGW2
Bigger Better Butter
That's right, folks! Better Butter! Instead of lots of tiny buttery explosions, how about one massively huge one?
Center abilities
Husk HopGW2
Husk Hop
Unleash this surprisingly acrobatic maneuver as you leap over your problems, and rain down corn kernels on everything below.
Right abilities
Shuck ShotGW2
Shuck Shot
Charge your corn cobs until they're positively steaming, point at your target, and then ka-blam! Explosive corn fury.
More is usually better, so why not pelt your enemies with a full barrage of rapid fire explosive cobs.

Left abilities
Butter BeaconBfN
Butter Beacon
Reveal enemies for a short time by throwing a pat of tactical butter.
Center abilities
Husk HopBfN
Husk Hop
Leap over enemies while launching a volley of explosive kernels downward.
Right abilities
Shuck ShotBfN
Shuck Shot
Launch two highly explosive cobs.


Tips & Tricks

  • The Butter Barrage is great at taking out groups of zombies.
  • Husk Hop can be used to attack zombies and also to hop up onto rooftops or tactical areas.
    • Pull the joystick/control key back to make Kernel Corn stay in one spot. It deals massive damage to zombies and players usually do not notice you nor can they escape in time.
  • Shuck Shot is great for taking out Z-Mechs as they are easy to hit.
  • Kernel Corn has more firepower than the Foot Soldier, making him a good front line assault class (larger ammo pool).
  • Try and throw the Butter Barrage onto objectives.
  • A good tactic for taking out a Z-Mech is to use the Butter Barrage, then Husk Hop over the Z-Mech, then fire your Shuck Shot at it when you land.
  • Kernel Corn is very similar to the Foot Soldier in many ways, so play it similarly.
  • Shuck Shots don't have to be completely accurate. They give off small splash damage when they hit something.
  • Husk Hop can be used to quickly and easily get in and out of situations.
  • Spamming the jump button immediately after using Husk Hop propels you forward in a straight line until you either stop jumping or lose momentum.
    • Only works if you don't touch any of the movement controls.

Balancing changes

Post Beta Patch

  • Primary Weapon Start Damage increased from 6.5 to 7.5

Graveyard Variety Pack DLC

  • All of the Kernel Corns, variants and the default, health have been changed to 150 to make him more of a front-line fighter.

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Magazine capacity was increased by 5.
  • The reticle bloom when shooting was reduced.
  • The accuracy of Kernel Corn when shooting was increased slightly.

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part Two DLC

  • Magazine capacity was increased by 5.
  • The ranged damage was increased from 5.5 to 6.5.


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville


  • The "Kernel" part of his name is a pun on the military rank "Colonel", because Kernel Corn is in the plant military, as well as the fact that the seeds on corn are called kernels.
  • The names of his abilities are all alliterative.
  • He is called Corn by the character sticker and Sticker Book.
  • The fact that he fires projectiles from his "arms" seems to reference a concept idea from the original Garden Warfare that deceits plants attacking using their arms rather than their mouths and heads.
  • He yells occasionally while firing his primary weapon or using abilities.
  • In the beta, the Cob Busters had 40 ammo instead of the 35 ammo in the finished game.
    • This also applies to most of his variants.
  • The default Kernel Corn is currently the only character in the game to be buffed in every character balancing update.
    • He is also the only character out of all his variants to not have a hat without customization equipped.
  • His Cob Busters visually lose kernels when the ammo from his primary weapon is used.
  • He has the least elemental variants in the entire game, with only having BBQ Corn.
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