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Kalestorm is a Legendary Lobber plant in Plants vs. Zombies 3. It lobs chilling hailstones at multiple targets.


Kalestorm is the last Legendary Lobber plant, and last plant in general the player obtains before Chapter 2, being unlocked after beating Floor 32 of Devour Tower. Its seed packets are more likely to be dropped in Lawns & Saving Bank breakout levels.

It costs 10 sun and lobs hailstones at zombies, these hailstones are able to chill zombies, slowing them down. Kalestorm is able to throw 3 hailstones at a time, each hailstone hitting the three closest targets in its lane.

Being a Legendary plant, the player can only have one of it on the lawn at a time.



Kalestorm is based on kale, also known as leaf cabbage, which is part of the Brassica oleracea family.

Kalestorm's name is a portmanteau of "kale" and "hailstorm".

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to level 1.

Legendary Lobber
Sun PvZ3 Rapidly lobs hailstones that damage and
slow the first 3 zombies in its lane
Attack Damage
Targets Hit
Attack Speed
1 s
Damage per Second
Chill Effect
Chill Duration
5 s
25 s
Strong against:
PvZ3 icon threat Swarm PvZ3 icon threat Flying PvZ3 icon threat Obstacle
Effective against:
Pigeon Feeder PvZ3 portrait Donut Roller PvZ3 portrait Hot Dog Vendor PvZ3 portrait Pizza Delivery Zombie PvZ3 portrait


Plant Food effect

Kalestorm's Plant Food ability is called Blizzard, which deals Kalestorm launches a massive amount of hailstones to various zombie targets on the lawn.


Kalestorm's Tacobility is Freezing Rain, allowing more hailstones to be thrown at a time, as well as a chance to freeze zombies solid for a short amount of time.


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