For the Chinese version of the level, see Jurassic Marsh - Day 5 (Chinese version).

Jurassic Marsh - Day 5 is the fifth level of Jurassic Marsh in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The Primal Wall-nut is pre-selected in this level. This level also marks the first appearance of the Jurassic Imp, which is the Imp variant of Jurassic Marsh. After completing this level, the player receives a money bag.


The newly introduced Jurassic Imps will pose a big threat in this level, because although they have lower health than most Imps, they can walk and bite faster. Because of this, Jurassic Imps can easily tear down defensive plants. Luckily, Primal Wall-nut is pre-selected, and due to its fast recharge, it can be placed down countless of times. It also gets benefit from Wall-nut First Aid. Nevertheless, this level is still packed with tough zombies and some raptors.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Dinosaurs Note(s)
1 Jurassic Zombie2 None None
2 Jurassic Zombie2 Jurassic Zombie2 None None
3 Jurassic Zombie21 Jurassic Zombie22 Jurassic Imp23 None Raptor21 100% Plant Food
4 Jurassic Zombie22 Jurassic Zombie25 Jurassic Imp23 Jurassic Imp24 None None
5 Jurassic Conehead23 Jurassic Conehead25 Jurassic Buckethead22 Jurassic Buckethead24 Jurassic Flag Zombie2 None Raptor23 First flag
6 Jurassic Zombie23 Jurassic Zombie23 Jurassic Imp21 Jurassic Imp21 Jurassic Imp25 Jurassic Imp25 None None
7 Jurassic Conehead21 Jurassic Conehead22 Jurassic Conehead24 Jurassic Conehead25 None Raptor22 100% Plant Food
8 Jurassic Buckethead22 Jurassic Buckethead24 None None
9 Jurassic Conehead21 Jurassic Conehead23 Jurassic Conehead25 Jurassic Imp22 Jurassic Imp24 None None 100% Plant Food
10 Jurassic Zombie23 Jurassic Conehead22 Jurassic Conehead23 Jurassic Conehead24 Jurassic Fossilhead25 Jurassic Flag Zombie2 Jurassic Imp21 Jurassic Imp21 Jurassic Imp21 Jurassic Imp23 Jurassic Imp25 Jurassic Imp25 None Raptor21 Final flag


Created by Harish.madhava

Plant two columns of Sun-shrooms, blocking off zombies at the last column using Primal Wall-nuts. Since it has a fast recharge, replace the Primal Wall-nut using Wall-nut First Aid again and again. Kill the zombies using Cherry Bombs and Ghost Pepper. Do not give them chances to interact with dinosaurs. If anything goes wrong, use Lava Guava to burn them up. If you follow this strategy, you can easily earn the achievement Dinos Sore. NOTE: Do not forget to replace Primal Wall-nuts.



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