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Prior to the 7.4 update, Jurassic Marsh - Day 40 was the 40th day of Jurassic Marsh. Upon completing the level, the player receives a money bag.

As of the 7.4 update, level expansions were removed from the world maps and placed into epic quests. Because of this, this level is no longer accessible from the map, and must be accessed when the epic quest is available.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Dinosaurs Note(s)
1 Jurassic Zombie21 Jurassic Zombie22 None Raptor21
2 Jurassic Zombie21 Jurassic Zombie23 Jurassic Conehead22 None Stegosaurus22
3 Jurassic Conehead21 Jurassic Conehead25 Jurassic Buckethead23 Amberhead Zombie22 Amberhead Zombie24 Jurassic Rally Zombie2 None Pterodactyl23 First flag; 400%/7 Plant Food
4 Jurassic Zombie21 Jurassic Zombie22 Jurassic Zombie23 Jurassic Zombie25 Jurassic Fossilhead24 None T. Rex24
5 Jurassic Zombie21 Jurassic Conehead22 Jurassic Buckethead23 Jurassic Fossilhead24 Jurassic Bully25 None Ankylosaurus25 100% Plant Food
6 Jurassic Rally Zombie2 Jurassic Imp21 Jurassic Imp21 Jurassic Imp22 Jurassic Imp22 Jurassic Imp23 Jurassic Imp23 Jurassic Imp24 Jurassic Imp24 Jurassic Imp25 Jurassic Imp25 None Raptor21 Second flag
7 Jurassic Zombie21 Jurassic Zombie22 Jurassic Zombie24 Jurassic Zombie25 Jurassic Bully23 None Stegosaurus22
8 Jurassic Conehead21 Jurassic Conehead25 Jurassic Bully22 Jurassic Bully24 Jurassic Rockpuncher23 None Pterodactyl23
9 Jurassic Buckethead22 Jurassic Buckethead23 Jurassic Buckethead24 Jurassic Rally Zombie2 Jurassic Bully21 Jurassic Bully25 None T. Rex24 Third flag; 400%/7 Plant Food
10 Jurassic Fossilhead21 Jurassic Fossilhead22 Jurassic Fossilhead24 Jurassic Fossilhead25 Jurassic Rally Zombie2 Jurassic Gargantuar23 None Ankylosaurus25 Final flag


Strategy 1  (Contains premium content)

Created by MartinUWH


Jurassic Marsh Day 40

Jurassic Marsh Day 40


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