For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Jurassic Fossilhead.

Jurassic Fossilhead is a zombie encountered in Jurassic Marsh in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He has no special abilities, but his health is extremely high compared to a normal Zombie. Out of all of the zombies with Machined toughness, Jurrassic Fossilhead Zombie bears the most similarities with Blockhead Zombie, the primary difference being the latter's immunity to Iceberg Lettuce.


Jurassic Fossilhead wears a skull of a dead Triceratops that covers a little area over his head. The rest of his body and facial hair is just the same as a normal Jurassic Zombie.

Almanac entry

Jurassic Fossilhead

SPEED: Stiff

Fossil skulls not only provide a huge amount of damage absorption, but are also extremely classy.

Contrary to his name, Jurassic Fossilhead's fossil head isn't actually a fossil. That skull's maybe a week and a half old, tops.


Jurassic Fossilhead absorbs 1985 damage per shot and changes its appearance upon absorbing 540, 1080, 1800 (when its skull is destroyed), and 1900 damage per shot before dying at 1985 damage per shot.


Player's House: Piñata Party

Jurassic Marsh - All levels including La Brainsa Tarpits

Modern Day - Days 24, 34, 38 and Highway to the Danger Room (portal only)


Like Knight Zombie and Blockhead Zombie, this zombie can be problematic if you do not prepare. If you see him in the seed selection, choose instant kills (such as Chili BeanPotato Mine, a Plant Food-enhanced Sun Bean, or a Shadow-shroom) to kill him instantly. This zombie is doubly dangerous if combined with Jurassic Bucketheads, Gargantuars, and dinosaurs. Try to use a Blover quickly when he is affected by a raptor, as this zombie can cause massive havoc if you do not act fast enough. He has moderate speed but high toughness with his triceratops skull on.

Among the introduced plants in Jurassic Marsh, Primal Peashooter can help push back Jurassic Fossilhead. It is best to have at least two Primal Peashooters and a Primal Wall-nut on one lane for a great combination.




  • His headgear is not actually a fossil; it is rather a week-old decayed triceratops skull, which is referenced in his Almanac entry.
  • It's pretty strange for him to have a triceratops skull in this world because triceratops only exist in Cretaceous period, which is millions of years after Jurassic period.

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