Junkasaurus is a playable character in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It is available in the Story Quest "Next Stop...Infinity.", Infinity Time, and the Cats vs. Dinos mode in the Trials of Gnomus DLC.

Its appearance resembles a large triceratops made entirely out of garbage.


Left abilities
Charge of InsanityGW2.png
Charge of Insanity
A forward charge that deals damage to all enemies in its way and knocks them back, similar to the Sprint Tackle or Heroic Kick. Effective when targets are in a straight line, or to escape from enemies.
Center abilities
Epic Mega BlastGW2.png
Epic Mega Blast
A long-ranged beam attack capable of dealing massive damage. Functions similarly to the Heroic Beam, but with the ammo of the Sunbeam. The beam's point of impact also deals minor splash damage. Effective against single, heavy targets like Gnome Floaties or Giga Gnomes.
Right abilities
Spin OverrideGW2.png
Spin Override
A close-ranged attack that deals damage to all enemies in close proximity and knocks them back. Effective when being swarmed by small enemies. Only available in Infinity Time.
Super Heavy HornblastGW2.png
Super Heavy Hornblast
The Junkasaurus fires a large and very powerful green orb out of its horn. Only available in Cats vs. Dinos.



  • The robot appears to be assembled from junk. This is a typical motif with many of Crazy Dave's inventions.
    • This is referenced in its name, officially being Junkasaurus.
  • When there are four players cooperating in Infinity Time, the robots will be colored (in order from players 1-4) green, blue, red, and yellow. These four colors correspond to the colors of each Zone in Infinity, excluding the Rainbow Zone.
  • Junkasaurus and Mecha Cat are the only playable characters that cannot jump.
  • The Charge of Insanity may be a reference to Crazy Dave, as "insane" is a synonym of "crazy."

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