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The Jubilee Nightclub is the fifth block in Plants vs. Zombies 3. Four new zombies can be found here. To upgrade Jubilee Nightclub, Jubilee Nightclub Blueprints are required. Battles take place on a dance floor in front of a neon-lit dance club.


Makes your Cherry Bombs more powerful!

Special Feature

Jubilee Nightclub's special feature is that, when upgraded, it increases the damage that Cherry Bomb does to zombies.


Jubilee Nightclub is more likely to give these seeds. TIP. Increase these rewards by climbing the Devour Tower!

After winning a Breakout Battle the player usually gains seeds. In Jubilee Nightclub, the following seeds are most likely to be obtained:


Occasionally during a Breakout Battle a message will appear on the screen signalling a trick. Jubilee Nightclub's message will say Nightclub Trick: Dance Off, which will cause all zombies on the lawn to constantly switch lanes like a Hot Dog Imp for several seconds.

Associated Zombies

The zombies that are associated with Jubilee Nightclub are as follows:


Jubilee Nightclub's trick is a big threat, making all zombies act acting like Hot Dog Imps. Using Lightning Reed is a good choice as its range of three lanes will allow it to still attack zombies after they move. Planting a few Snapdragons will achieve the same result, although this is more expensive, and Snapdragon's Hot Damage Icon.pngHot damage type is weak against Fog Machine Zombie's Chilling Damage Icon.pngChilling type, so Lightning Reed may be a better idea.

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