You mean they'll jam their jam when their jam is jamming?

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Jams are background music tracks that play at timed intervals when certain circumstances are triggered. They serve as the environment modifier in Neon Mixtape Tour. Jams can give zombies either an increase or decrease in their speed. Additionally, if a jam that is tied to a certain zombie plays, the zombie in question will be able to utilize their special ability. There are a total of seven jams which consist ballad, punk, pop, rap, metal, 8-bit, and power ballad. Here are the lists of zombies that will behave erratically when a jam is playing.


Zombie Corresponding Jam Special ability
No special zombie Ballad The theme that plays during the seed selection screen and the beginning of the level. It has no special effect on zombies.
Punk Zombie2.png
Punk Zombie
Punk Performs a funky dance move and pushes the plant back to the nearest open space. If there are no empty tiles behind that plant for it to land, it will be kicked out of the lawn.
Glitter Zombie2.png
Glitter Zombie
Pop Generates a rainbow trail that protects zombies (besides other Glitter Zombies and Zombot Multi-stage Masher) in a 1x3 area behind it from most attacks as well as negative effects. Glitter Zombie also gains the ability to instantly kill plants (provided that they are not instants, low to the ground, or underground), which it simply runs down with its skates.
MC Zom-B2.png
MC Zom-B
Rap Spins its microphone in a 3x3 area that deals 2005 DPS on a plant, which is enough to take out non-defensive plants in one hit.
Hair Metal Gargantuar2.png
Hair Metal Gargantuar
Metal When it slams its guitar on the ground, the instrument generates a shockwave that travels across the lawn and deals 1000 DPS to the first plant it reaches. Furthermore, it can continuously slam its guitar and send out shockwaves at any time, even if there are no plants in front of it to smash.
Breakdancer Zombie2.png
Breakdancer Zombie
Rap Gains a speed boost and kicks groups of zombies that come close to roughly 1.5 tiles forward.
Arcade Zombie2.png
Arcade Zombie
8-Bit Its arcade machine can spawn 8-Bit Zombies that appear in Basic, Conehead and Buckethead variants. The 8-bit jam does not affect the Arcade Zombie. This does not need to be alive for the machine to still function; consequently, as long as its arcade machine is still functional, 8-bit zombies will continue to spawn when the 8-bit jam is playing.
Boombox Zombie2.png
Boombox Zombie
Power Ballad When it reaches the sixth column, it interrupts all jams and tranquillizes all plants on the lawn except Phat Beet, underground plants, instant-use plants and plants that are planted after its jam has triggered. Stunned plants can still be boosted with Plant Food, allowing them to break free from the jam and plants placed after the jam starts are unaffected, except if there is another Boombox Zombie that will extend the duration of the music afterwards.

List of jams

Below is a list of jam's corresponding description

Jam Internal name Official name Description[1] Lawn description Other information Image
Ballad None Sincerely - The Theme A smooth and mellow groove that sets the stage for the incoming backyard zombie invasion tour. No aesthetic changes across the lawn while this song plays. Nothing happens to zombies' speed or abilities.
Punk Punk Slam This hardcore jam finds Punk Zombies moshing and kicking plants across the board to a chorus of “Oi” and anarchy. Fire trails identical to Jalapeno will scorch the top and bottom of the lawn. Increases the speed of every zombie by 50% and empowers Punk Zombies.
Synth Pop Pop Soda Jerk Synth Pop hooks and an unhinged rhythm engages Glitter Zombie’s rainbow trail in an invincible shield protecting zombies in her wake. A disco ball drops above the lawn, suspended in the air. Lights will begin to illuminate the floor and neon lights will start flashing through the lawn, albeit transparent. Reduce 20% speed of all zombies and empowers Glitter Zombies.
In the Chinese version, chills all zombies instead.
Rap Rap Funkasmic Rip-Rap-Rippity-Rap this track turns MC Zombie into a bigger, badder, and deffer microphone-twirling scritch-scratching adversary and the Breakdancing Zombie is ready to kick zombies forward with the freshness. A large flat television with speakers on both sides drops above the lawn, showing Dr. Zomboss' face. The TV is accompanied by lights. Restores the original speed of most zombies, but gives a speed boost to and empowers Breakdancer Zombies and MC Zom-Bs.
Hair Metal Metal My Guitar Wants Your Sweet Adoration Hair Metal is alive and well (with live guitar shredding) as a head-banging Gargantuar melts faces with his mighty “axe”. Fountains ignite at top and bottom portions of the lawn. Lights with different colors rapidly flashes on top and bottom portions as well. Increases the speed of every zombie by 25% and empowers Hair Metal Gargantuars.
8-Bit Chiptune Chiptune When this nostalgia kicks-in and the chiptunes are crankin’, 8-bit zombies start spawning from arcade cabinets being pushed across the board by a giant quarter-wielding zombie. Pink fog appears on top and bottom of the lawn respectively. Furthermore, pink tiles will start flashing randomly and an equalizer will appear as the music plays. Zombies move at normal speed and Arcade Zombies are empowered.
Power Ballad Ballad Don't You Love How We Love Each Other Together This is the one you slow-danced to at your senior prom and when the Boombox zombie switches the Jam all the plants on the board swoon, slowing them down with the power of zombie love. Reverts the layout of the lawn to its original state. Zombies move at normal speed. It is triggered only by Boombox Zombies. 

Ambient audio

Sound Description
Crowd cheering.
Record scratching.
Rap starting.
Punk Jam playing.
Pop Jam playing.
Rap Jam playing.
8-Bit Jam playing.
Heavy Metal Jam playing.

Related achievement

Breaking It Off2.png
Breaking It Off
Defeat a Boombox Zombie before it's able to express its feelings through the power of song


  • If there are no zombies present on the lawn (either when all enemies are neutralized between flag, or temporarily due to Thyme Warp), the jam currently playing will sound muffled.
  • There is a glitch where whenever a special zombie can use its ability at the end of their corresponding jam, it will perform its ability without any problem even if there's another jam being started playing. Adding by, when the player stuns a special zombie while its jam is about to end, it will still be able to perform its ability after the stunning effect end, even if its corresponding jam has finished.
    • This will also happen sometimes if a specific jam was interrupted by Boombox Zombie. The zombie that liked the previous jam would still be using its ability.
  • The rap jam is the only jam that is shared by two zombies, MC Zom-B and Breakdancer Zombie.
  • The punk jam seems to be a remix of the Big Wave Beach theme during the final wave.
  • The pop and ballad jams seem to have a remix of sort in a part of the world selection music.
  • The 8-bit jam seems to be a remix of sort in a part of the Plants vs. Zombies main menu music.
  • Power Ballad is the only jam that can be only played by the zombie that likes it, which is Boombox Zombie.
  • Since the 4.0.1 update:
    • the lasers during the synth pop jam have been changed. The visibility of the lasers have been reduced, and they no longer appear at the center of the lawn, but rather at the top part.
    • the bursting flames during the punk jam have been changed.
      • The fire at the top part of the lawn is apparently no longer misplaced.
      • The bursting fire coming out at the top fire now appear slower.
  • The 8-bit and synth pop jams are the only ones that affect the appearance of the actual lawn.
  • The rap jam was used in the Summer Nights trailer. This was shown before Neon Mixtape Tour was released.
  • The ballad (regular) jam is in F# minor.
    • The punk jam is in A major.
    • The pop jam is in E minor.
    • The rap jam is in D minor.
    • The metal jam is in D minor.
    • The 8-bit jam is in G minor.
  • Jams return in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, but they serve a different purpose.
    • They now only play when a Party variant is using its Party Time! ability except for the 8-bit jam which plays when the Computer Scientist gains Crunch Mode.
    • The rap jam is also heard in the Impsomnia Quest, but the pitch is higher and sped up, and is only one of two single sections continually looped.
  • The ballad jam contains remixed parts of the Pool theme from Plants vs. Zombies.
  • The sound that plays before the rap jam appears to be a stock sound effect, given its use in other media (an example can be found here).
  • Jams are the only environment modifiers that technically aren't physical.
  • Power Ballad is the only jam that can be heard in Modern Day, although only in Day 41 and Highway to the Danger Room.
  • In very high levels of Greatest Hits, there is a bug that after the jam changes, the music will not change but will continue playing until another jam starts (rarely) or continues. Sometimes, the music will completely stop.

Specific to the Chinese version (China only)

  • If the player finishes a Neon Mixtape Tour level and then enters another Neon Mixtape Tour level (or the same level), the jam that last played in the previous level will start playing for a short time, before changing to the ballad jam.
  • If the punk jam plays, zombies can not be slowed down by plants like Snow Pea or Stallia. They will just continue moving at their normal speed. This has been fixed.
  • The pop jam chills zombies as if it were chilled by ice plants.


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