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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
For the Plants vs. Zombies version of this zombie, see Jalapeno Zombie.
For other uses, see Jalapeno (disambiguation).

Jalapeno Zombie is a returning plant/zombie hybrid from the first game and appears in Penny's Pursuit for the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2.

It is the ZomBotany counterpart of Jalapeno. Jalapeno Zombies explode upon making contact with a plant, instantly killing every plant in the lane.

Almanac entry

火爆辣椒僵尸 (Jalapeno Zombie)

SPEED: Basic


基础: 接触到植物后,会引爆并秒杀一行中所有的植物
特殊: 被植物吞掉后,便不会引起爆炸


    In English:

    The plant-head zombie from the mysterious time and space, don't let him touch any of your plants!

    Special: Detonates upon contact with a plant, destroying all plants in its row.
    Weakness: Death effect doesn't trigger if swallowed by a plant.

    Everyone knows to be cautious in words and deeds in front of him. This is due to his violent temper. However, if he was invited to eat the prestigious "brain pot", he would definitely not refuse. But the strange thing is that even in front of a dead friend, he always wears this strange headgear.


You might use the similar strategy to defeat Jalapeno Zombie from the first game. Due to retaining the velocity of an average zombie, it can be killed easily from range. However, since it does not eat plants, Garlic will not be able to divert it without Plant Food, though Sweet Potato/Hot Date still works. Squash is also a cheap counter.



  • Similar to the first game's literation, the Jalapeno Zombie explodes without any delay or warning, despite the opposite occurring in the ZomBotany trailer.
  • Unlike his first game counterpart, he does not have a cut tie.
  • The flame sprite is reused from Jalapeno.

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