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Jalapeno in Plants vs. Zombies

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Jalapeno (Pronounced as "Halapenio") is a recurring character within the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. Similar to Cherry Bombs, they explode to deal heavy damage to zombies, though Jalapeno deals heavy damage to all zombies in a lane versus the 3x3 area of a Cherry Bomb.

As of Plants vs. Zombies 3, Jalapeno has appeared in four games.


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Jalapeno is based on the real life Jalapeño, a cultivar of the plant Capsicum annuum valued for its spicy flavor, referring to the fact that Jalapeno is hot and spicy, burning an entire lane as he explodes.


Plants vs. Zombies

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In the original Plants vs. Zombies game, as well as all Chinese spin-off games based on it, Jalapeno is the fourth plant unlocked in the Pool area. He explodes in a lane, dealing massive damage to any zombies in his wake while defrosting survivors. He can also burn down any Ice trails left by Zombonis or ice balls fired by Dr. Zomboss's zombot.

In ZomBotany 2, there is a zombie based off the Jalapeno, the Jalapeno Zombie, who explodes like a Jalapeno when it reaches the fifth or sixth column, making it one of the biggest threats during the mini-game.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures (Archived content)

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Jalapeño made a reappearance in PopCap's ill-fated Facebook game Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, having the same ability he had in Plants vs. Zombies, destroying an entire path of zombies and costs 100 sun rather than 125. If planted on a crossroad, he would be able to attack two paths of zombies rather than just one.

A frosty variant of the Jalapeño, Chilly Pepper, makes its debut in this game, acting exactly like Jalapeño, but also freezes zombies. Even though this does make it a direct upgrade, Chilly Pepper surprisingly is not a VIP plant.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

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In Plants vs. Zombies 2, Jalapeno appears as a Gem premium plant. His ability is exactly the same as the first game and has a slightly faster recharge. He lost the ability to target aerial enemies, although he is now capable of instantly killing a zombie trapped in Ice.

He is a member of the Pepper-mint family, who increases his DPS by 2,400 while he is on the lawn.

Jalapeno is used to mark the difficulty of worlds and Penny's Pursuit levels.

Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars (China only) (Archived content)

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Jalapeno's latest appearance was in the Chinese-exclusive turn-based game Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars as the second plant in the Pepper line, evolving from Small Pepper and then evolved into Devil Chili. He attacked zombies by launching fireballs at them.

His active ability was Cataclysm, which dealt damage to all enemies in his lane, dealing 20% more damage if they were frozen. His passive ability was Deal with the Devil, which caused Jalapeno to lose 5% of his health every turn to be able to gain extra attack that turn.

His soulmates were members of the Spike or Dragon line for a critical chance increase, and the Doom and Watermelon lines together for a damage boost.


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