Iron Citron is a Legendary Citron variant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. His appearance is the same as a regular Citron but appears to wear a large armored suit and wears no sunglasses. He is the armored variant of the Citron. He has the 2nd highest health out of any other playable variant ever, having 250 health, which is slightly lower than Torchwood's (not counting the Infinite Robot, which has 2000 HP or the Z-Mech, which has 300 to 400 HP, depending on the variant). His primary weapon, Mech Breaker, is similar to the Tank Commander as it only has one ammo before needing to reload. Iron Citron has the legendary ability called Iron Mode that, after getting 5 vanquishes in a row, makes him move faster and increases the ammo in his clip from 1 to 5 ammunition (More info below on "Iron Mode" below). 


He may be based off Iron Man, as they both have metal suits and have "Iron" in their name.


Stickerbook description

Iron Citron's got a cool looking suit or armor, no question. But what he won't tell you is how hot it gets inside of that thing, and how much trouble he has bending over to pick things up.

In-game description

Vanquish foes to fill his meter and enter Iron Mode, where you'll gain a crazy ammo boost!

AI Health

Easy: 150

Normal: 200

Hard: 250


Primary weapon

The primary weapon of the Iron Citron is the Mech Breaker. It fires a projectile that deals 15 damage on a direct hit at long range 50 damage on a direct hit at close range. It does 5-25 splash damage. The Mech Breaker is a single-shot weapon.


Iron CitronGW2 Iron Mode Iron Citron's unique legendary ability. Iron Mode activates after Iron Citron manages to vanquish 5 zombies in a row. Upon activation, Iron Citron's entire body begins to glow orange, and he instantly regains half of his HP. While Iron mode is active, Iron Citron's ammo clip increases by 4, he moves 50% faster and has 25% damage resistance.

While in Assault Mode

Left abilities
EMPeach, like its Plants vs. Zombies 2 counterpart, slows down and lightly damages zombies in its radius. It also prevents zombies from using their abilities.
Center abilities
Citron BallGW2
Citron Ball
When Citron Ball is used, Citron curls up in a ball, increasing his jump height and speed. It is most likely used to chase after Imps, as their increased speed and agility make it harder to hit them. When in Citron Ball form, Citron loses the ability to shoot and use EMPeach and Peel Shield, but gain Hyper Ball and Ball Charge as new abilities which replace the former two.
Citron BallGW2
Party Citron Ball
An alternate version of the Citron Ball for the Party Citron. Functions identically to the normal Citron Ball.
Right abilities
Peel ShieldGW2
Peel Shield
If Peel Shield is activated, Citron gains a shield in front of where it is facing, absorbing a certain amount of damage. However, Citron is still vulnerable to shots to its side and back.
Mood ShieldGW2
Mood Shield
An alternate ability instead of Peel Shield. Withstands more damage, yet has a shorter duration. Color changes based on how much health the shield has left.

While in Citron Ball

Left abilities
Hyper BallGW2
Hyper Ball
Hyper Ball is the first ability available for Citron in Citron Ball form. When used, it further enhances Citron's already enhanced speed and jump height.
Center abilities
Assault ModeGW2
Assault Mode
Citron goes back into his normal form, allowing Citron to shoot again, and replacing Hyper Ball and Spin Dash with EMPeach and Peel Shield.
Right abilities
Spin DashGW2
Spin Dash
Citron will slow down and roll in place for a few seconds, before charging forwards and hitting any zombies in his path, dealing damage to them.



Iron Citron is similar to the Tank Commander but has a legendary meter to fill that allows him to be very effective compared to his zombie counterpart. This variant should be played either defensively or at long range. Iron Citron has 250 HP, meaning he has the second highest health in the game (this doesn't mean he's invincible). Iron Citron's single shot weapon is most effective in close quarters combat (dealing up to 50 damage). An effective way to build up your meter is to travel with other plants. Being in a group makes you not the only target for a Zombie. Trying to attack player controlled Zombies solo can get you vanquished very fast as Iron Citron is a big target (easy to hit). When your "Iron Mode" is active, you become much more versatile with four extra shots in your magazine and doubled speed. It's best, when in the attack, to spawn Heal Weeds because low health gets you vanquished. Along with all other legendary variants, attacking summonable zombies and bots would be somewhat of a good strategy to fill up your legendary meter. He is by far the most mobile out of all the Armor variants, thanks to his Citron Ball ability, and quite possibly has the most survivability of all the Armor variants, thanks to Citron's already high health being increased by 50 and his Peel Shield/Mood Shield.


Iron Citron is a powerful class if the opponent plays them right. Iron Citron's biggest weakness is his size. You will find that it is pretty easy to land shots on an Iron Citron in "attack mode" due to his large hitbox. Full auto classes like the Foot Soldier and the All-Star are effective counters (especially the Ice variants). Iron Citron can only do 15 damage from direct hits at long range. Use this to your advantage by attacking him before he gets close.

Unlocking tips

The Iron Citron is a Legendary variant, meaning that it is extremely hard to find stickers for him in sticker packs, and he cannot be unlocked in Phenomenal Character Packs. However, only two stickers are needed to unlock him. A good strategy to get him is to buy the Wondrous Pack Of Greatness packs, because it has the highest chance of getting a Legendary. 

However that strategy is heavily based on luck. For a safer approach, buy his stickers in Ruxs Bazaar. It will be cheaper and much much more efficient than risking valuable coins to be lost.

Balancing changes

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part Two DLC

  • Reduced damage falloff start/end distance from 30/50 – 20/40
  • Reduced rate of fire in Iron Mode from 150 – 140

May 2018 Patch

  • Decreased the Mech Breaker's long range impact damage from 25 - 15
  • Decreased the Mech Breaker's long range splash damage from 12.5 - 7.5


Plants vs

Plants vs. Zombies- Garden Warfare 2 HACK?! PVZ GW 2 DMG Glitch

Iron Citron clip size glitch (starts at 7:20)


  • He was named in a tweet by Gary Clay.[1]
  • When in Iron Mode, if he is vanquished and is revived, he will keep the ammo from Iron mode but will not get a speed boost from it and his bar will be empty, furthermore if he enters Iron mode while that is happening he will only gain a speed boost and will still keep the ammo if he is KO'd.
  • It is unconfirmed if it is a possible damage value or a glitch but the Mech Breaker has on one instance (in the video shown above) been known to deal as much as 100 damage per shot.
  • He was the only armored plant variant to not have reduced movement speed.
  • His stickerbook description has a spelling error. It says "has a cool looking suit or armor" when it should be "has a cool looking suit of armor".
  • His helmet is removable in the customization screen, which reveals his hair to be similar to Citron's, but slightly more crooked and a slightly different tone of green.
  • Despite the weapon name, the Mech Breaker does no additional damage to mechs.
    • It actually does less damage if it does not shoot the glass of the mech.
  • There exists a glitch where if the player takes off his helmet, puts an accessory/facial hair on him and puts the helmet back on, the accessory/facial hair still appears on him, despite these being disabled when the helmet is on.
    • This glitch can only be achieved with the "Dragon Skin" tattoo.


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