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Abandon hope all ye who enter here, for this be the land of Gnomes. Neither here nor there, nay not anywhere.

The gamemode description.

Infinity Time is an unlockable game mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It is unlocked in the last quest of the single player mode of each side.

In this game mode, Crazy Dave/Dr. Zomboss sends the player to Infinity to fight the Gnomes and their leader, Gnomus the Gnome King and it also allows the player to pillage the gnomes' Time Shards and then ransom them for Coins and Items at the end of each game. This game mode also reveals interesting facts about the Gnomes' odd position in controlling time.

After completing the quest, starting a new match in this mode costs at least 5 stars to start on the first wave, with every five waves that player has cleared before being available as a starting point at a higher cost. In this repeatable form, it can also be played with up to 3 other players, though this requires all the players to be in one of their Backyards when starting the mode.


In this mode, the player plays as an Infinite Robot (Junkasaurus for Plants, Mecha Cat for Zombies). When the player initially enters Infinity Time, they will appear in a "antechamber" area, where they partake in a short "warm-up" activity, before the game begins for real. First, they are instructed to step on a Time Circle to fill up the "Time Stability" bar on the top of the screen. Once it is full, a Gnome Floatie will appear (though it will not attack) and the player is instructed to destroy it. Once the Gnome Floatie is destroyed, Infinity Time commences and the game is on from that moment until the bitter end.

The player's goal in Infinity Time is to survive as many waves as possible by clearing out all enemies until they themselves get vanquished or if their Time Stability is depleted. Gnomes are the main enemy unit in this mode. The main goal is to vanquish all the Gnomes in a wave to move on to the next, with each level getting progressively harder and harder.

In this mode, the player has a massive health pool of 2000 health, but it does not regenerate. To remedy this, enemies drop Time Shards when they get vanquished. Time Shards dropped by regular enemies heal the player for 50 Health. Bosses drop bigger Time Shards, which will heal you for 200 Health each. All player's health will also be fully restored every five waves. The number of shards one shard is worth also increases with each quadrant cleared (but this does not affect their healing). When the game mode ends, all Time Shards are traded in and the player can cash out a reward from a treasure chest, awarded in different tiers depending on the amount of Time Shards collected throughout the run.

Unlike a garden or a graveyard in their respective Ops modes, the game mode has a unique health system called "Time Stability" which can be drained by Gnome Floaties and Bosses. Time Stability will be fully restored every five waves.

Enemies and threats


Gnomes are the main enemy unit in this mode. They appear at the start of each wave in groups scattered throughout the play area and must be defeated to progress the game to the next wave.

Gnome Floatie

A Gnome Floatie is a boss enemy that can appear randomly during normal waves or as part of its own dedicated bonus objective, and will lock onto time rings to drain Time Stability if not destroyed. As it is counted as a boss, it will as such be highlighted on the HUD.

Giga Gnome

Giga Gnomes are bosses that require much more damage to defeat than regular Gnomes. They first appear on Wave 5 and One or more usually appear in every wave after that, starting at Wave 8.

Gnome Kings

Every 5 waves, Gnomus the Gnome King sends out an Impostor King. The Kings, like the other gnomes, match the color of the current zone: the first one is Blue at Wave 5, then Green at Wave 10, then Yellow at Wave 15, then Red at Wave 20, and finally the 'real' King Gnomus appears at wave 25. When the Gnome King is defeated, any and all enemies still present on the map will be killed instantly, all remaining Time Shards are automatically collected and the game progresses to the next quadrant.

  • Blue Gnome King: Uses Rainbow Beam and Energy Balls to attack. Does not summon any bosses.
  • Green Gnome King: Uses Rainbow Beam and Energy Balls to attack. Summons Ultra Commander/Mass-Pea.
  • Yellow Gnome King: Uses Rainbow Beam and Energy Balls to attack. Summons Giga-Imp/Citron Overload.
  • Red Gnome King: Uses Rainbow Beam and Energy Balls to attack. Summons Cozmic Mayhem/Giant Stalk.
  • Gnomus the Gnome King: Uses Rainbow Beam and Energy Balls to attack. Will summon 2 of any previous giant boss.

After Wave 25, two Gnome Kings will be sent out simultaneusly. The Gnome King(s) can also drain Time Stability if not attacked and is near a time ring and they also drain it faster than the Floaties.

Plants and Zombies

During Nemesis waves, Gardens/Tombstones will appear and spawn an infinite number of Plants/Zombies until they are destroyed. Gnomus also calls plant/zombie reinforcements when summoning the giant boss.


After Wave 10

After Wave 20

After Wave 25


After Wave 10

After Wave 15

After Wave 20


Singularities are electric balls that hover around the Gnomiverse board. A new color appears every x1 wave, making it harder for the player to move around. Singularities are invincible, and going into one will drain your HP extremely fast.

  • Green Singularity: Encountered on wave 11. This one doesn't move around much, and usually hovers near one corner of the board. Does minimal damage.
  • Red Singularity: Encountered on wave 21. This one actively chases you across the board at a slow pace, but from anywhere on the map. Drains health very fast.
  • Yellow Singularity: Encountered on wave 31. This one stays in a fixed position, but chases the player extremely fast if approached. Getting far enough from it will freeze it again. drains health very fast.
  • Blue Singularity: Encountered on wave 41. The hardest of all, it chases the player extremely fast indefinitely. and slows down when it approaches. However, does minimal damage.

Singularities never disappear, meaning by wave 41 there will be all 4 colors on the board.


  • Standard wave: A horde of gnomes (accompanied by Giga Gnomes on later waves) appears, which must all be vanquished to win. A Gnome Floatie may randomly appear.
  • Nemesis Wave: Gnomus will summon Tombstones/Gardens at random points on the board, which spawn an indefinite number of plants/zombies. The player is given 1 minute to destroy all of the spawners, with time extending after a successful destruction. If time runs out, all spawners will disappear, but 1000 coins will be forfeited. 2 spawners appear in solo mode, and 4 in co-op. Pro tip: Try not to destroy all of the Gardens/Graveyards, as you can get more health out of the shards dropped than lost if you play around them properly.
  • Floatie attack wave: Gnomus sends out 2-3 Floaties to drain time stability. These Floaties spawn the level's Gnomes, and each one only drains time stability halfway before leaving, but there are multiple. 1 minute is given to destroy all Floaties, and extra time is given after a Floatie is destroyed. If time runs out, the Floaties all leave, but 1000 Coins (and a lot of Time Stability) will be forfeited.
  • Boss wave: A Gnome King imposter appears every 5 waves. The battle split into 3 phases. At first the king is alone. After losing 33% (1/3) of his health, he will summon Gnome reinforcements to help. After losing 66% (2/3) of his health, the king leaves, sends out plant/zombie reinforcements and summons a giant boss (Blue Gnome King does not do this and just summons more Gnomes instead). The giant boss must be defeated in order to make the king come back, and he will summon one last batch of Gnome reinforcements. Past Wave 25, two Gnome Kings will be sent out simultaneously and both will have separate health pools and summon enemies independent of each other.

Payout and Rewards

Upon ending Infinity Time by either running out of health or by having all Time Stability drained, all Time Shards are traded in and in exchange, the player will be rewarded with a treasure chest based on the number of Time Shards they obtained. The more time shards collected, the better the quality of the chest, and the better the chestquality , the greater the reward.

  • Humdy Ho Chest: (500-2499 shards) Only gives a small amount of money.
  • Good Chesty Chest: (2500-7499 shards) Gives a fair amount of money, or can give an Infinity customisation.
  • Great Tra-La-La Chest (7500-14,999 shards) Gives money, or can also give an Infinity customisation (Infinite or Scrumptious)
  • Amazing Twiddle Chest (15,000-24,999 shards) Either gives a big number of coins, an Infinite or Scrumptious customisation, and a very little chance of receiving a Party Character sticker.
  • Infinite Infinity Chest (25,000+ shards) Either gives the greatest number of coins (30,000), a Scrumptious or Infinite customisation, or a Party Character piece.

Any amount below 500 will prompt Gnomus to say: "Too few Time Shards to merit a reward! Begone!" And the player will receive no chest. Because the Treasure chests cap out at 25,000 Time Shards and do not improve in quality anymore after that, it is not recommended to continue on to later waves if the player is aiming to unlock items and characters, as there is no additional benefit to collecting more than 25,000 Time Shards.

Possible Party characters are:

Note: All Party Characters are exclusive to Infinity Time and cannot be earned otherwise (except in limited-time Infinity Packs in the Sticker Shop).

Aside from the customisation items and the Party Characters, the player will also receive a payout in Coins at the end, depending on performance. Infinity Time is an endless gamemode and as such cannot be truly ever won. Therefore, there is theoretically no upper limit to how big the Coin prize can get, but to give a little bit of perspective, in terms of straight money, a typical 25.000-shard run (Which lasts until the end of Wave 25 or thereabouts) will typically yield something in the region of 12.500 Coins for Bosses defeated (only Boss Waves count) and 12.500 Coins for Waves cleared. Additionally, if the player also gets the 30.000 Coins reward from the Treasure chest, then a single run of Infinity Time (in this example) can potentially net the player a payday of around 55.000 Coins in total. This is already more Coins per match than any other game mode but is counterbalanced by the requisite up-front payment of 5 Stars to start Infinity Time as well as the time it takes to finish; one can expect to spend around 30-45 minutes working their wavy through the waves until they clear Wave 25, have 25.000 Time Shards and are thus eligble for the highest tier of Treasure chest. And note that this is just the reward given for completing Wave 25 with the Coin reward from the Treasure chest; If one continues onwards, while the chests do eventually cap out in quality, the Coin reward will continue to grow ever larger without end. Each wave cleared and each boss wave defeated adds more to the prize pot.



Infinity Time intro

WARNING! This mode is hard. Depending on the level, your strategies must adapt in order to defeat the gnomes. Besides the basic laser, your alternate abilities charge fairly fast, and can be used to get out of situations. Charge of Insanity can be used to get rid of large groups of gnomes, to avoid singularities or to get out of bad situations or quickly duck in behind cover to avoid attacks. Ground Slam can be used to clear out large groups of Gnomes as well, and for Nemesis waves to clear out large unneeded Plants/Zombies. Ultimate Energy can be used to destroy Giga-Gnomes, Gnome Floaties, and the Gnome Kings when they appear.

Every 5 waves King Gnomus send an Imposter King, which is a boss. It is wise to use your Cannon attack on him. Beware, as he can destabilize time so you should lure him away from the Time Rings. If he does begin to destabilize time, damage him for a few seconds and he will leave the Time Ring and focus on you instead.

After losing 1/3 of his health, the Gnome King will summon in Gnome reinforcements (including both regular Gnomes and Giga Gnomes) and after losing 2/3rd of his health, the King will leave and summon in a Massive Nemesis, which is a giant version of a plant/zombie, depending on which faction the player is playing. These giant characters have modified attacks and some of them can deal a lot of damage really fast, like the Giga Imp, while some will do very little if you keep your distance, like Cozmic Mayhem. They have a lot of health as well, so use your abilities to defeat them. Once the Nemesis is defeated, the Gnome King returns to the play area and is vulnerable to attack again. If the King dies, every remaining enemy still present is also killed instantly and all Time Shards left are automatically collected, so its generally better to focus on taking him down quickly once he reappears, as once he is defeated, the game progresses to the next quadrant and both your health and Time Stability will be restored back to 100%.

Starting at Wave 11, you will encounter Singularities that can hurt you. You must stay away from them, as you cannot damage them but they can rapidly damage you. If you see one at it is near you use your Charge/Tackle to get away from it. Also keep track of where the Singularities are, as having one sneak up on you can be catastrophic, especially if there are other enemies nearby.

An important thing you need to keep in mind is that Time Shards are your only source of health. Every Gnome drops shards worth 50 health, and Giga-Gnomes, Floaties and bosses yield 200 health worth of shards. These shards will remain in the play area indefinitely until collected and there is only a limited quantity of them available. For this reason, collecting extra shards when your health is at 2000 is a waste of health. It's best to leave shards on the ground, so you can pick them up when your health gets low. All shards that are still not collected at the end of the Gnome King fight will automatically be picked up, meaning any shards still present on the map will eventually be collected.

Considering the above, it can be wise to attempt to lead the Gnomes into an area that is slightly off the beaten path, so as to build up at "stash" of Time Shards. By accumulating the Time Shards in places where they are more out of the way, they can be kept there until needed and the player does not have to risk accidentally wandering into the shards and collecting them when not needed, to avoid wasting them.

Also this is sometimes effective, but during the Floatie Attack waves, leave the Floatie alone, as after the minute is over all Floaties will be destroyed leaving your Time Stability bar at half, however this is very risky as there could be two Floatie Attack waves and Floaties can also appear during during normal waves. Additionally, the Gnome King can also drain Time Stability and does so faster than the Floaties.


Sound Description
Starting Match Music
Music that plays before Wave 1 starts
Normal Wave Music (Version 1)
Normal Wave Music (Version 2)
Normal Wave Music (Version 3)
Boss Wave Music (Version 1)
Boss Wave Music (Version 2)
Boss Wave Music (Version 3)

Related achievements

West Indian Lilac PSN.png
West Indian Lilac
Enter Infinity as a Plant
String Theory PSN.png
String Theory
Enter Infinity as a Zombie
King of Summer PSN.png
King of Winter PSN.png
King of Spring PSN.png
King of Autumn PSN.png


In other languages

Language Name Description
United States of America English Infinity Time
Traditional Chinese 無限時間
France French Boucle temporelle infinie
Germany German Unendlichkeits-Zeit
Italy Italian Tempo Infinito
Poland Polish Nieskończoność
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese Confronto Infinito
Spain Spanish Hora del infinito


  • When the Dave-bot 3000.1 explains how the plants found out about Infinity Time, he mentions that "Three agents in the 1980's partied so hard they created a wormhole and got sucked into a realm known as Infinity".
  • Only the new classes (excluding Torchwood and Hover Goat-3000) introduced in Garden Warfare 2 have party variants.
    • This may be compensating for the lesser number of variants they currently have when compared to the eight original classes.
  • This, along with Flag of Power, are the only endless modes and can't be truly won in any way.
  • In the intro cutscene, the song Highway to the Danger Zone can be heard briefly.
  • On the island when the player first enters Infinity Time, there is a cave in the left side of the map. If the player goes inside, they will see a list of the developers' names.
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